Political Crisis

(Usama Khamis, Zafarwal)

The political situation of our country is no doubt in tense condition .Political parties against the government wants to pressurize the government because its their business. But one thing we must realize that PM Imran Khan gesture is as same as compare to previous months. It looks that IK doesn’t take pressure of opposition parties. One thing can be easily observe that opposition parties place barriers in the way of government. Here it is pertinent to be patience and gave time to sitting government that it continue its projects. Political parties shows patience now these days. Leg pulling is not a democratic option and if any party involve in the leg pulling can not called to be a democratic political party. Government is facing so many crisis which high as a rock. It is responsibility of every political worker and citizens to give space to the government until end of their tenure. But it is responsibility of opposition parties to raise their voices against unlawful acts, But their practice not to pass the budget 2019 is not a good act. Political parties can put their rivalry aside for the benefits of our country. Our political history is full of corrupt peoples who came in politics just to provide protection to their unlawful money. There are many money launderers in our political history. It is very difficult for a common person to come in political field because he couldn’t have money power and money is everything in our country. Our country institutions are full of corrupt officials and from root to top. It was the key reason to gave vote to Pakistan Tehreek Insaf and it looks that accountability is starting and soon nation is able to see the result. One thing is necessary to told that we try not to stop the business of country because it is against the development of country not against Ik.Here it is also pertinent to discuss the act of Imran Khan when he ordered his workers to expel Mian Nawaz sharif from Prime minister house. Then Pakistan political party is the party who was against this act although he is talking in same language as Pakistan Tehreek Insaf. So this is the act which is needed now these days. Pakistan is facing problems which is the result of previous governments, and we must not point finger on the sins of previous government on the present government. Political leader who address their workers to prepare against sitting government, can we not time to government to work and shows their capabilities to nation? I personally think we should provide our support when government took any initiative for development of country.If we like western Government and system then we must act as western style nation also who is educated well civilized and ethical.This budget is difficult for whole nation but painful for poor. We hope PM Ik and his cabinet try to feel the difficulties of poor peoples which is high in numbers. We hope PM and his cabinet work day and night for giving progress to nation who vote them and elect them for this high designation. It is the responsibility of every Minister Member of National and provincial assembly to raise the voices of whom who voices unable to reach in Assemblies. There is disappointment in the people who thinks that in PTI tenure prices of eatables and others items comes down but the budget 2019 indulge them in panic.

Writer is a Legal student a Journalist Columnist and correspondent of English Newspaper

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