Colonialism is back, A Global Reminder

(Inshal Rao, )

In 1960 declaration UN General Assembly adopted that "the subjection of people to alien subjugation, domination & exploitation constitutes a plain denial of fundamental human rights (Article.1)". On Kashmir dispute untill now UNSC has adopted 18 resolutions directly & indirectly which clearly states that "Kashmir issue will be resolved through democratic way of free & impartial plebiscite" but India had never regarded any of UNSC resolution even UN representative Gunnar V Jarring submitted report to UN that India refused all his suggestions in resolving Kashmir Dispute while Pakistan was agree with him, in the same way Pakistan wellcomed Trump's mediation offer but India same as usual rejected mediation & violating UNSC resolution merged Jammu & Kashmir into its territory. The 2001 UN world conference on racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia & related intolerance in Durban acknowledged and regretted "the massive human suffering" caused by slavery & colonialism, also marked with reparation cum apology from colonial powers to victimday. While world still regretting colonial ill treatments of colonial powers, astonishingly India keeps alive that full of suffering era, Kashmiri people facing massive oppression by Indian forces since seven decades, on yearly basis several orgnisations highlighting these by their reports even OHCHR frequently submitting & publishing its report periodically but who cares. On 10 Dec, each year world celebrates Human Rights Day, thousands of seminars, programs being arranged in this regard while Kashmiries sufferings increasing day by day. OHCHR's report of 2018-2019 focused on serious human rights violations, notably excessive use of force by Indian securit forces that led to numerous casualties, arbitrary detentions & impunity for human rights violations. Due to traumatized by incessant warfare, high unemployement, political alienation, social insecurities, deprivitu from basic rights, the Kashmiri youth engaged to show inhuman Indian face to the world at large by social media & also by Kashmiris living abroad who providing web based media to the youth for catharsis. To suppress & countering Kashmiris voice Indian Gov't inforce ban on text messages as well as cyber surveillance. Just to suppress Kashmiris right of self determination, Indian use of force & brutal tactics are against the international norms & standards. Right of self determination is the overarching principle of ICCPR to which she is signatory, instead pressuring India the world's silence is criminal injustice with humanity & human rights charter. It is the greatest laughter as world have yet seen, whenever asked or questioned to India regarding Kashmiris right, she responds that Pakistan is supporting militants, as says in Urdu "Sawaal gandum jawaab chana". It is global reminder that world wars was expansionism of colonial power & now India is on the footstep of colonial powers. On this colonial hegemony of India, four Indo-Pak wars have been fought & world never took concrete measures to finish this danger by resolving Kashmir conflict. Now the matter become more complex if the world would nt take serious measures to immidiate solution then the fifth & decisive nuclear base war will erupt soon which will be more disastrous then world war.

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