Combo of terrorism and misuse of authority in FIA

(Fawad Ali Shah, )

Combo of terrorism and misuse of authority in FIA.
BY: Syed Fawad Ali Shah
FIA is one of the leading investigation agency of Pakistan which not only deals with the cases of white collar and syndicated crimes such anti-Corruption, human trafficking, Counter Terrorism on federal level. Since the appointment of its incumbent DG FIA in the previous regime of N-league, he engulfed FIA with the PSP officers of his own choice. But his favorite most is an officer of BS-18 (now in BS-19), belonging to a tribal family of Sindh. According to an official list of political appointments in Sindh Provincial police services this gentleman, who hails from Jacobabad in Sindh, was appointed on the recommendations from secretary to the then Provincial Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro in the 90s. He is one of the 21 police officers who had been inducted into police in violation of all rules and regulations. They were appointed as DSPs in Sindh Police in BS-17 due to political considerations instead of merit. This officer was fortunate enough to be inducted in the prestigious PSP cadre. But after joining FIA under the blessings of the incumbent DG, this officer has excelled par excellence in manipulating the reigns of this God forsaken organization. There is a long list of his abuse of authority and misuse of power in FIA, but only few can be discussed due to space. Since his posting in FIA back in September 2017, he has been running all affairs of FIA as de facto DG. Although he was in BS-18, but most of the time in FIA he was bestowed with the additional charge of Director/ Law (a BS-20 post), two steps higher. Interestingly in order to accommodate this officer, one serving BS-20 FIA officer was made an escape goat in the most ridiculous manner. A new terminology was coined as ‘’Closed to Headquarters” despite the fact that the said FIA officer was posted in FIA Headquarters already. This was the brain child of the incumbent DG FIA. During his entire posting in FIA, he kept at least two lucrative positions at the same time. Most of the times he was Director FIA Law, Additional Director FIA Counter Terrorism Wing (CTW), Additional Director FIA Establishment, Additional Director FIA PIAB (Performance and Internal Accountability Bureau), and Additional Director FIA Crime Circle Islamabad. In an unprecedented manner, he has been given the charge of Additional Director Establishment FIA HQ Islamabad in addition to his present posting as Additional Director FIA ACC Karachi Sindh. It means this officer is so indispensable and there is no competent FIA Officer available at the HQ to discharge the duties of such lucrative office. Ironically he travels between Karachi and Islamabad on the expanses of tax payers but claims TA/ DA. He displayed his absolute powers by arresting, torturing and illegally confining in lockup a poor uniformed FIA Constable who defied his illegal orders. He passed unlawful instructions for registration of FIR against him. But the concerned SI and Director FIA Islamabad Zone refused to do so. The constable filed complaint to FIA high ups and but due to his influence, the enquiry proceedings were initiated against the poor constable.

This officer likes to travel to northern areas but he prefers turning his personal visits into officials ones and also claims TA/ Das. He, along with his family, has been living in FIA Academy occupying two Executive Suits (called DG Suits) and two other rooms for last 2 years but has not paid a single penny. He got allotted one Flat at FIA Officers Colony G-8/2 and got it renovated with lakhs of Rupees but did not get deductions from his ceiling unless it was objected by AGPR and he had to pay unwillingly. Interestingly, he got allotted one government residential apartment in Gulshan-e-Jinnah Islamabad by misusing his official influence in the Ministry of Housing. He has been keeping two official vehicles with unlimited fuel. When he was transferred from FIA HQ to Karachi, he got two official vehicles Nos. GAA-504 & BBV-075 shifted with him. All his belongings were shifted through FIA’s official vehicles but he claimed for Transfer TA illegally. For his personal benefits of exorbitant TA/ DAs, he got transferred an amount of Rs. 1.0 million from FIA HQ to FIA Karachi. As a de facto DG, he recruited 5 persons on contingent basis due to his influence and kept at least two with him as his personal servants. He even took one along with him to Karachi as his personal servant. After a terrorist attack on a navy dockyard in Karachi in September 2014, one perpetrator who was killed in the shootout was a former navy sailor and the son of this influential officer who was dismissed from the navy for his ‘religious views and undisciplined conduct’. Sources told that he had remained in contact with his cop father from militant training camp at Afghanistan. Later, forensic reports also confirmed that the said terrorist had used his father’s service weapons during the terrorist attack on Navy installations. After the issue of his son’s involvement in terrorist attack, he was transferred to Baluchistan then Gilgit Baltistan and finally FIA. In December 2018, one leading Intelligence Agency submitted a comprehensive report about this influential officer suggesting that he might not be posted at any sensitive position. But this officer is still in FIA and enjoying the most important posts here with access to all the sensitive data relating to terrorism and terrorists. If he was unable to protect his official weapon being misused by his terrorist son then would he be able to protect such information to which he is privy while discharging his duties in FIA? It is alleged that he has been a top hunch man for DG FIA and he legitimatizes every illegitimate thing which he has been tasked by the DG. It’s beyond understanding that despite all these facts why the concerned authorities have closed their eyes. Are they waiting for another horrific incident to clean our organizations from the persons having such background?

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