(Shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Now-a-days, we have been observed dharna politics which is demonstrated by the JUI (F). This type of dharna is called radical. All the religious institutions and their students of the Madrasas may involve in this demonstration. The object of this dharna is to collect ulterior motive. There are two grounds is being that presented by the Jamiat-ulema Islam (F); Firstly, this government is not handle the economy of the state and even does not proper functional of the state institutions neither to maintain proper strength. Secondly, they are demanding pre-elected Prime Minister is kicking out from executive. The JUI (F) is also presented charter of demands and one of the points not to deployed army officials in upcoming election. The Interior Minister Mr. Ijaz shah (R) said that it is inadequate demand.

The JUI (F) is demanding the resignation of the elected Prime Minister and re-election. This demand is clear violation of the principle of the constitution. However, it is not the democratic way to kick out elected Prime Minister through gathering thousands of mobs. On the other hand, JUI (F) is playing key role of the opposition. Unfortunately, we are Muslims and divided in different groups that we adhere to e,g cast system even colors, sect’s shai or sunni, bravels, Deobandis etc. Timing of this dharna is not right. Oppositions are playing their role under the supervision of (Maulana Fazlur Rehamn), JUI Chief leaderships. This is not a democratic way. That is too harmful for the state. Even we know that this type of dharna has yet been destabilizing the state.

As far as concerned, this dharna would try to creating many doubts and even misconception regarding this government that similarly put more pressure upon. Over and above, the dharna politics is being different concept in various schools of thoughts even we know results. Nevertheless, it is not a new dilemma in Pakistani society. The opposition would try to creating pressure upon the government to acquire ulterior objectives. The source of funding is a different chapter. Net result is become an issue.

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