Feudal system and backward masses

(Saif-ur-Rehman Chachar, )

Feudalism has been gradually eliminated in a number of countries but somehow it still exists very strongly in Pakistan, particularly in Sindh, although not in its original sense.

Now we don’t find feudals who maintain private armies or collect taxes, but what we definitely find is large landholdings, bonded labour as well as total allegiance of peasants in return for economic support and personal protection.

As a result there is a very strong control of feudals and waderas in all parts of Sindh who have a direct influence on the economic life of the poor and also enjoy control over thanas and the official machinery in the province. Specially district Ghotki of Sindh is particularly prone to this disease, that’s why it is known as the grandmother of feudal lords. No doubt district ghotki is brimming with natural resources and rate amongst the top districts of Pakistan to produce highest revenue, but unfortunately its residents have not taken possession of ascendancy over these resources, the main reasons for this, are illiteracy and Feudalism. Literacy ratio is 29.01% according to census 2017.

District Ghotki have World’s largest urea plant of Engro Fertilizers, OGDCL, Fauji Fertilizers (formerly Pak Saudi Fertilizer), TNB Liberty Power Plant, EngroPowergen Power Plant, and Dosan Power Plant. Ghotki also has three gas fields: the Mari Gas Field, Qadirpur Gas Field, and Rehmat Gas Field and has Tullo oil Company and many other industries . Despite of these Ghotki is counted amongst the most effected feudalistic districts.

Feudalism is the main reason to lower the literacy rate, it usually refers to the power and influence of large landowing families, feudal lords never afford that people became literate if they became educated they will stand for their rights and might upraise voice against their governance, feudalism leads to an illiterate environment and education leads to revolt against feudalism.

Education has an inverse relationship with feudalism. The feudal wants total supremacy. He cannot tolerate impudence or a poor peasant or his children standing up and saying 'No' to him.

This means feudal wolves know that illiteracy will pursue their governance on poor people so they will never take a fancy for education amongst people.

What are the main Reasons behind Feudalism?Its Simple, those people who are ruling and called themselves as Waderas and Sardars have strong relation with upright governance as they are elected through elections has main role to elect the such parties through their participation and make their government. In response party has their good respect and in return they get whatever they want, this gift including bad governance and much illegal decisions and illetrate environment.

In ghotki Mahar and Loond tribe has strong relations with governing parties, people elect them but in response they haven’t provided what people needed. there is a very strong control of feudals and waderas in all parts of Ghotki who have a direct influence on the economic life of the poor and also enjoy control over thanas and the official machinery in the district.
Due to the colossal power base of the feudal no one can dare to raise his voice against the land-lord for fear of being economically crippled or facing the wrath of terror which can be unleashed at anytime.

This fear is so strong and peasants so terrified that they seem to have accepted the domination, which goes totally against the basic human rights. The situation also creates hurdles in the democratic process in the district as the freedom of vote is suppressed.

From the point of view of the ‘feudal’ the concept is very simple. Keep the people backward and uneducated, economically dependent, rule them through thanas and the official machinery and consolidate your power over the area.

The problem of lack of education is very acute and has its far-reaching effects on the over-all situation.We haven’t listened they raised voice for graduated youth including Engineers and Doctors to enter into the Industries described above. Even they haven’t set up a university in Ghotki. It is unfortunate that ghotki has no university, thousands of students remain deprived of higher education. Since they can’t attend a university, they tend to remain idle or get involved in frivolous activities. Education is the main root to take out feudalism from society and it happens when people get educated. But feudal lords know they can’t easily defeated that’s why they haven’t provided such institutions. These two tribes have strong hold over every department of district like police, revenue, works and services, Municipal and health. Their nominated secretaries are everywhere. Such facts leads to people to fall down themselves against Feudal Lords. If anyone rises voice against them they make fake cases against him through police or torture them. People are tired of their governance but have no strength to talk against them. Due to unavailability of Universities students can’t get higher education which leads to illiteracy and compelled people to accept their illegal decisions.
In such circumstances we need to raise voice and elect any educated person, youth can turn these promises into reality and can achieve goals to end feudalism, illiteracy, poverty and inequality. Their collective power can defeat Feudal power. Even power of youth can compelled government to give party ticket to educated person. A loyal person surely would fight for the rights of Ghotki’s youth over industries running in the district and other resources.

Ghotki needs revolution which would turn from power of feudal lords to power of people.

The concept of feudalism needs to be curbed on a priority basis in order to achieve progress and prosperity in our beloved district.

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