Kuala Lumpur Summit, Diplomatic fiasco for Pakistan.

(Syed Fawad Ali Shah, )

A delegation from Hamas arrives in Kuala Lumpur at the invitation of Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed. Now realise why Saudi Arabia and its allies are so perturbed by the Kuala Lumpur Conference? Sorry for the Pakistan government, which has betrayed Kashmir as well as Palestine through their dubious role. When the curse is destined, many people are wretch in such way that power is kind to them but they receive the whole curse on their mouths. Something similar happens to the handsome Imran Khan and his cabinet. After the humiliation among the people of his country, now the process of receiving embarrassment has begun at an International level. The story is that when India took over the occupied Kashmir and went around the world for support, no country is ready to support India more than India itself. The current government was taking the brunt of the failed foreign policy. The power may have been kind and the two great leaders of the Muslim world, Mahathir Mohamed and Tayyab Erdogan, came out in support in a time of trouble which the two countries dismantling relations with India in front of the world. They were the only Turkey and Malaysia to support Kashmir openly. Al Saud had shown its true identity. On this occasion the Imran khan Kaptaan of the present government announced that they will work jointly against Islamophobia. And for this purpose, an international TV channel will be launched jointly with Turkey and Malaysia. Both these countries also trusted the Imran’s verbal claims and announces a four-days summit from the heads of Islamic countries in Kuala Lumpur from18-22 December this year. Tayyab Erdogan and Mahathir Mohamed continue to be his ideals and gave the examples of these leaders but now that the conference is about to happen, our prime minister Imran khan has cheated Tayyab Erdogan and Mahathir Mohamed. By deciding not to attend the summit has globally revealed his reality. Relationships are not established between the individuals but between the states. PM Imran khan has decided according to his nature, now both Malaysia and Turkey will not support Pakistan in the future. Not surprising. That being said that this is being done at the behest of Al Saud, the same Al Saud who had openly supported India on Kashmir issue and also supported India through its affiliates, such as the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, it is the law of nature that the veterans of character and speech as a leaders come to the nations. They themselves by making sacrifices for the truth and justice. Otherwise, the nation has to endure these hypocrites, liars and character less persons. Malaysia-based Pakistani community has also declared Prime Minister Imran Khan's U-turn as a betrayal with Turkey and Malaysia. They say that Pakistani immigrants based in Malaysia have bowed their heads in shame. Whatever the domestic situation is, it was very important for the Prime Minister to attend the Kuala Lumpur Conference. If Imran Khan participated in the conference and gave a fiery speech, the attention of everyone would have gone to his speech and they would forget the ongoing war between the Chief Justice and the military leadership. Prime Minister Imran Khan should have made his commitment regarding the conference with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed and Turkish President Tayyab Erdogan. China, Malaysia and Turkey supported Pakistan like a rock on FATF and Kashmir issue. In this case, the main issue is not to offend anyone, but to the national interest.

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