BJP's Hindu Extremist Politics

(Inshal Rao, )

The time has gone when India was a secular state, today the ruling party whose member was convicted of Gandhi's killing and whose members are accused of malegoon blast stated Godse a deshbhakt (patriotic) who killed Gandhi Ji. The time has gone when Gandhi's ideas were dominated, today India is in the hands of BJP who has routes in RSS a CIA classified terrorist organization. Since BJP was formed in 1980, it has been doing communal politics to consolidate Hindu votes aimed at attaining religio-political goals ,to achieve power for fulfilling its religious aspirations of making India a Hindu Rashtar (nation) that would be governed by hindu principles. Since inception with coordination of SanghParivar groups BJP created climate of Hindu Extremism and destroying secular fabric of India. For attaining its goals BJP set three religio-political schemes, first EkmataYajna (integration rite) in this Scheme Bharat Mata (mother India) was portrayed as one of the most prestigious hindu divinities and image was worshipped by thousands of hindus on way of Yatra from one part to another part of India Which suggest that India is a holy land only for hindus and who refuse to worship India as divine mother are enemies of hindus while Muslim and Christians refused to worship India as divine mother due to their monotheistic belief so they are being treated enemy of Hindus. Secondly leaders of BJP in tandem with RSS and VHP launched scheme RathYatra which designed as holy war against enemies. The Rath was designed as chariot of Arjun so that chariot would look like a war chariot, started from Somnath to end at Ayodhya. During yatra BJP leaders instigate haters resultantly several communal riots occurred. According to K.N Panikker "from very beginning of RathYatra tensions created between Hindus and Muslims and 116 riots occurred in which 564 people died". The third one Was re-establishing of Ram janambhoomi and making Ram Mandir in place of historical Babri Mosque, in this regard BJP managed to mobilize hindus at large number to destroy Babri Mosque under leadership of L.K Advani resultantly horrifying hindu Muslim riots erupted throughout India. BJP openly working for India as hind nation, in 1999 when it came into power, its prominent leader Murli Manohar was assigned education ministry with specific task who taking office, first of all appointed hindu nationalists in text book board, Indian council of social sciences research and Indian institute of advance studies aiming to hinduise Indian educational system. Information Ministry under BJP appointed hindu nationalists on key posts in broadcasting and allotted licences to their activists who worked to promote hindu extremism. Ex Indian Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde revealed at Jaipur that Indian agencies reported that BJP promoting extremism. Indeed, in BJP criminals & terrorists honoured with pride as hero, Pragya Singh Thakur MP of BJP described N Godse a hero who killed Gandhi Ji, Pragya Singh Thakur herself convicted of Malegaon blast but awarded with party ticket. Gujrat riot is the most horrifying act of violence in the history of secular India in which state has shown completely irresponsible & discriminatory behave under supremacy of N Modi, later Modi stated indicating to Muslims "it is a lesson to them who double the population" but instead of any enquiry or criticising BJP declared Modi a hero who is now staged as PM of India. Under his premiership Indian State rapidly growing as hindurashtar. After passage of CAA & NRC, the Muslims and secular hindus are on protest at large but as per their extremist mindset BJP Gov't trying to suppress their voice by force, several people has died in Police firing, saddenly BJP leader Dilip Ghosh described them dogs and said "their gov't killed them (protesters) like dogs". BJP trying their level best to shape these protests as anti-hindus, spreading hatre through hate speeches. CT Ravi admitted that they were behind Gujrat riots and threatened to repeat again like Gujrat genocide. Raghuraj Singh instigated hindus to burry Muslims alive, another BJP leader Somashekara Reddy threatened of genocidal violence of Muslims as they are in majority. Indeed, BJP has no democratic means, it is an extremist party, originated from RSS (CIA classified terrorist orgnisation) remained under ban thrice in India due to its violent activities. BJP is fully committed to fulfill hindutva aspirations in which Muslims & Christians are enemies and both have no right to stay in India which verily lead to worst ever humanity crisis. If the World would not take notice on BJP's extremist agenda then it would very late resultantly region will ablaze.

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