The Economic Crisis of Pakistan

(Rana Farooq Anwar, Lahore)

There is no doubt that great nations of the world has stepped into 2020 with ambition to strengthen and boast up the economy of their homeland but Pakistan is still standing behind the rest of the world . Numerous economist are portraying horrible picture and pointing out various reasons of our economic downfall .The Government of PTI came 1st time in rule in the history of Pakistan so that we cannot expect super-sonic contribution to resolve the pending issues of 70 years, to address this garbage, of course new Government need sufficient time frame. But question mark is on the direction & governance of Government which is not up to the mark to resolve problems.

Government is still in the mode of opposition and its direction / approach towards economic, political issues is lethargic. The irony of our society is our individualistic frame of mind, which is creating hinders to protect the national interest of country.

The economic emergency should be declared in the country to tackle issues within given time frame and the team of result oriented professional should be injected to enhance the capacity of sate organs. Pakistan has serious threats internally & externally all stake holders should sit together regardless of their manifesto and political affiliation , a social & economic contract of minimum fifty years should be singed, the input of security institutions is very important to tackle fifth generation & conventional warfare in the region. Common people don’t have any concern regarding the foreign policy or twitter # tag , an ordinary population of the Pakistan wants food security to feed family which directly related to economic and political stability in the country

It is very difficult for democratic state to flourish without political stability in the country, politics and political process always effects the growth of states. Main-stream stake holders of the state should try to create harmony among political forces of the country and necessary amendments should be adopted through legislation for the betterment of masses it can be only possible if all political foresees are on one page.

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