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Print and electronic media is the 5th pillar of the state. It is used by a state for education of its population, raising morale of the troops in war, character building of the nation, promotion and preservation of national heritage. It is used by nations for cultural invasion of other nations. Some countries use it for mentally preparing its nation for war.

Media is in advanced world is used as an agent for pursuing its foreign and domestic policy. Today CNN, Fox news, ABC are effectively extending US foreign policy in the world. Hollywood is exporting US culture and ing its invasions on the name of US national security. Burgers, Jeans, Pizzas, soda water have become worldwide modernism trends due to aggressive marketing through these mediums. In other words, globalization achieved its zenith due to aggressive marketing of US products through its media.

India since its independence has invested on its media making it an effective tool for promoting its culture, religion and ideology. Indian news channels, dramas, movies leave no stone unturned for the promotion of their national dress, Hindustan, Hindu religion, Maha Bharat.

Pakistan was created on the slogan of creation of state where the people can lead their lives according to the teachings of Islam. This theme was followed in the constitutions of 1956, 1962 and 1973 as Directive Principles of the Constitution. Today in the year 2020, when I tried to equate the ideals of Directive Policy starting from Article 29 to Article 40 of the Constitution of the 1973 of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan; the Article wise scenario was as under;

1. Islamic way of life:
Islam and Islamic way of life is not being promoted by our media in accordance with the constitution.Media is busy in promoting western dresses and English language. Yellow journalism is the order of the day.
2. Discouragement of prejudices:
Media is seen promoting parochial, regional, provincial, racial, tribal and sectarian divide among the nation in the name of talk shows, interviews, telecast of live speeches without considering national interest in view.
3. Protection of Family etc.
The theme of almost all the dramas telecasted on our media is about divorce, second marriage, against joint family system, extra marital affairs and promoting western and Indian dresses. Decent families cannot sit together to watch dramas on our media.
4. Full participation of women in National life:
Islam has given respectable status to women in the society. The role of women in our media like the western media is restricted to a show piece. Women appear on television without taking dupattas and presented as a tool for appeasing men.
5. Protection of Minorities:
Protection of minorities is one of the covenant feature of Islam and incorporated in the constitution. Media in the rest of the world is used for creation of religious harmony. Our media, contrary to the above, report fissures for disturbing harmony ranging from forced conversions to promoting fake news of blasphemy.
6. Eradication of social evils:
According to a recent report, Pakistan is at the top of the countries watching pornography on the internet in the world. This is made possible due to the provision of the world`s cheapest rates of internet services to the Pakistani customers by our cellular companies. The effort of the cellular companies is abetted by PEMRA which neither itself is blocking the objectionable material on the internet nor making the cellular companies accountable for the offence. Character of a nation define the worth of a nation in the community of nations.
To cut things short, I fail to understand that whether media in Pakistan is the fifth pillar of the state or not? If it is then like the rest of the world it has to work for the promotion of our culture, harmony and national interest. If it is not then the government has to take steps for charging the media under the relevant provisions of law for violation of the constitution.
The writer is a senior Journalist He can be reached at [email protected] Mobile No, +60109301521

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