Ramadan in Old Pakistan Or Naya Pakistan

(Faiza Abbas, Karachi)

The auspicious and felicitous month of Ramadan is celebrated with great pleasure, dignity, harmony and reverence in all the Muslim countries. Besides, many Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, and many others reduce the prices of the commodities and food items to provide ease for the Muslims. As a matter of fact, many of the western countries comprising a good number of Muslims also give immense significance to this Holy Month. Out of such veneration, government of those states render great support to the citizens by offering discounts on products and several “Ramzan deals” which are incredibly economical for the general public. Non-Muslims respect Muslims practicing fast and try not to cause any inconvenience during their worshiping activities.

In sharp contrast, it is grievous to know that our Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a Muslim majority country, prefers to increase the food prices to gain advantage and earn more profits in this month of blessings. Unfortunately, our business men, traders, shopkeepers and even some of the religious personages and media / public figures benefit from this month more in financial way rather than spiritual way. This results into severe trouble, especially for people belonging to low income group. Special food items of Ramadan including dates, fruits, juices (sharbat), bread, yogurt and many such delicacies are usually priced higher than the regular price in our country as soon as Ramadan begins.

However, our government pay no heed to this dilemma, due to which this practice has been going on since the beginning. Whereas, the citizens of Pakistan suffer and face this plight every year. Since Imran Khan has been struggling to transform our present, old Pakistan into Naya Pakistan, we can only hope that a good “CHANGE”/ tabdeeli would arrive soon for this problem. Better ideas to help poor people in this Holy Month should be evolved by individuals working in government sectors. Organizations should come into being that can accept contributions from people who can afford to help others and then, such donations should be forwarded to the right public in the right way. Lastly, we wish may Allah grant us with His blessings and accept our deeds and forgiveness in this Holy Month. Hope we all have a peaceful, devoted, and joyous Ramadan this year. Ameen!

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