Islamophobia in India

(Najeem Shah, )

The propaganda campaign is going on in the Indian media that a foreign security agency is behind the growing trend of tarnishing India's image in the Gulf countries. Princess Hand of the UAE took immediate notice of such hateful tweets when she realized that some Indians were blaming Muslims and the Tablighi Jamaat for spreading the Corona virus in India by showing their sick mentality on social media. The princess had warned the Indian community in the Gulf to refrain from unnecessarily criticizing Muslims over the corona virus. If they do not stop criticizing, they will not only be fined but also fired and deported. Princess Hand Al Qasmi took this action on the tweets of Saurabh Upadhyay, an Indian citizen living in the United Arab Emirates.

The corona virus is a global epidemic that has gripped almost the entire world, but the Indian government, its military establishment and the media have traditionally blamed Muslims for the spread of the virus in India. Indians allege that the Corona virus spread in India at a Tablighi Jamaat gathering in March. Not only Upadhyay but almost every Indian with a Hindu mentality is expressing such views. This gathering of the Tablighi Jamaat led to a new campaign of hatred against Muslims in India. Some TV channels called it a deliberate conspiracy to spread corona in the country, while others called the incident "corona jihad". At the moment, countries around the world are urging people to unite against the corona virus as their common enemy, while India is busy spreading hatred against its largest Muslim minority. The question arises that if Indian extremists are not campaigning against Muslims on social media, then why did the Indian citizen have to deactivate his Twitter account by deleting his tweet after the strong response of the Emirati princess.

Islamophobia, which is growing in India is not a new disease, but some Hindutva-minded people who support the RSS ideology are spewing venom against Muslims not only in India but also in other countries. So far, many Indians in the Gulf have lost their jobs for posting hate speech against Muslims. In the last six months, about a dozen Indian citizens have been affected by the law and have lost their jobs. Dubai-based Indian filmmaker Sohan Rai had to publicly apologize for his anti-Muslim hate campaign. A similar incident took place in Canada where an Indian citizen named Ravi Hooda was not only fired for posting anti-Islamic but also his employment contract was terminated by the employer. Hooda's tweet actually shocked the whole of Canada, which is known worldwide for its tolerance.

India has been deceiving the world for a long time and calling itself a secular country, but now the eyes of other countries, including the Arab countries, have been opened that India is not a secular country. Immigrants living abroad are, in fact, ambassadors of their own country. The action against Indian nationals in the Gulf and elsewhere proves that the RSS's extremist ideology has now spread far beyond India's borders. It is difficult to say whether the current wave of anti-Muslim hatred in India will abate in the coming days. Perhaps for the first time since the action against Indian nationals abroad, the ruling party BJP and Hindutva activists in India have realized that there could be international implications for India's domestic politics. After the action against Indians in Arab countries and Canada, now Narendra Modi is also beginning to see the fact that the corona virus has nothing to do with any race or religion. Earlier, he also believed that the religion of the corona virus was Islam.

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