Surrender to nature or get ready for extinction

(Abid Ali, Peshawar)

My article on global conflictual anarchy and the future of our universe.

Writer: Abid Ali khan baabak.
Note: The article is based on my personal predictions and not prejudiced by someone's personal preferences. Thank you.

Surrender to nature or get ready for extinction. The revival of "KUN-FAYUKOON".

Stephan hawkings in his book "the brief history of time" has explored about the creation of this universe by postulating "big-bang theory", which assumes that the universe came into existence as a result of a big explosion. It clearly sounds like the order of the day was "KUN" followed by "FAYAKOON" and resulted in this beautifull universe. Big bang theory gave birth to a diversified discussions, questions, probabilities, but a comon assumption that, if the universe came into being as result of big-bang, then there is a possibility of the revival of another big-bang to demolish this universe.

The world is getting bipolar with the violent uprise of two economic as well as nuclear gaints, China and USA. And no power in the world can undo this bipolarity now.Due to the rapid economic growth of china, which is growing three time faster than USA for the last thirty years, the International community has accepted the inreased influence of China over the world both economically as well as militarilly. Many political scientists have revealed in the past that the bipolarity of the world will disarm the dynasty of capitalism of the international system, which will lead to the end of this universe. Because the progeny of capitalism, which are bundles of non state actors including nation states system, World bank,IMF,WTO, UNGA and other NGOs, IGOs,MNCs etc, are so deep rooted in the international system that their replacement will result in a catastrophic destabilization of this world. The growing global influence of China is a big challenge for united states amd americans are extremely competitive, arrogant and egoistic, and are not intented to surrender in decent way to allow CHINA to take over the position they hold for roughly one hundred years. The strategy of "containment" is not working on china and the western world has realised the unprecedented growing economic and military influence of China, unstoppable. To counter this rapid and gigantic economic as well as military propagation, USA has already started developing the strategy of "Global destabilization".

Iran and saudi arabia are on brink of war, afghanistan has been pushed deeply into civil war, india and Pakistan are heading towards nuclear conflict, hothi-Hadi conflict in yemen is getting momentum once again, Syrian civil war has been dominated by mulitiple rebel groups (52 rebel groups) in addition with the offensive integration of turkey along with national syrian army, violent territorial expansionism uprise of Israel to annex West bank to destablise middle east,another egypt revolution in the making, hindutva politics of racial supremacy and ultranationalism has taken the indian parlimemt, hongkong mass protest against Beijing and a number of low as well as high intensity conflicts are arising in almost every corner of the world, resulting in an intense conflictual anarchy in the international system. this conflictual global uprise is creating an impedent for China to reshuffle the genes of the prevailing system's DNA-strand with its own designed, and a clear message to China to step back and let the america rule the world. China, on the other hand, involved indigenously in strengthening its economy by increasing its foreign reserves to $3.09 trillion and has also bought 100 tons of gold as buffer for China-USA trade war. China is also engaged aggressively in exploring its potential by stiching the chest of disperse world by road and belt intiative (BRI) and investing in different countries to left them out of crisis for its own liverage and future alliances. China investment in Iran despite of the intense sanctions of america, Strengthening its alliance with RUSSIA, and a growing influence in the asian continent as well as in the international market is an alarming and clear signal to America for a full fledged world competition.

Countries around the world became weaponised and militarised with a dense rate of destructive weapons, nuclear arms in most countries, for the first time in the history of homo-sapien, and are very susciptable to be allianced with any of the two global giants if originated.

The recent lethal and venomous outbreak of corona virus, folded in dozens of heart wrenching conspiracies added further weight to international system's anarchy. Due to the pestilence site of COVID-19, the president of the united states declared corona virus as "China virus" . The argument was later countered by Chinese officials and hold american army responsible for the pandemic spread. This blame game arised a world wide perception of biological war between china and the united states, thus adding further tensions and unrest to international relations.

Ecological factors are also showing negetive impacts with an irregular fluctuation, triggering global warming with the sharp increase in the temperature of the globe, which is showing its effect already in the form of extinction of many species of both plant and animal kingdom and the melting of frozen poles.

Despite of direct contribution of human to intoxication of the ecosystem, its social life has also been poisoned by hatred, racial supremacy, ultranationalism, terrorism and extremism, communal descrimination and political destabilization. These man-made stresses have adversely effect the global inhibitants both socially as wel as psychologically.

Currently the world is densely populated with politicaly agressive and psychologically stressed people with an enormous number of nuclear weapons planted in almost every corner of the earth.Thus, man is creating a favorable environment for another big-bang of this world.The people who are not listening the drums of war, the violent disintegration of this globe and the roars of angry nature, they are deaf. Because once the world get bi-allainced, a chunk of miscalculated event will trigger a final world war of this planet and will be intense enough to wipe out the world biodiversity, revising another big bang and "KUN-FAYAKOON".

Arrange a world meeting, surrender to nature, restore ecosystem, avoid global hatred and go back to simple era to save the universe, which is very near to impossible.

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آپ کی رائے
Perfectly balanced. Nice writing
By: Hamid, Mardan on Jul, 12 2020
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Brilliant and very healthy prediction.
By: Junaif, Peshawar on Jul, 09 2020
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