Pakistan's secret is ISI

(Shafaq kazmi, Karachi)

out of nearly 50 Islamic countries, Pakistan is the only country that is the secret of Allah and is the heart of the Muslim Ummah. Allah blessed this country with nuclear power. Allah blessed this country with the most powerful intelligence agency in the world. The forces of this country are one of the best in the world. This country has done many things in its history which are still a source of pride for the Muslim Ummah. Allah took the task of protecting his home from this country. Allah gave the command of the war for the survival of Muslima to this country ... !!!!

Under the guise of all this, in order to reach this secret of Allah, all the Jewish and Christian countries have hatched many conspiracies against Pakistan in order to reach this secret of Allah which Allah has put on the map of the world. Many fronts were exposed against Pakistan. Attempts were made to destabilize Pakistan's nuclear assets. The people of Pakistan were seen as a war on terror. Pakistan's economy was weakened by handing over to thieves. Attempts were made to tamper with the law of prophethood in Pakistan. The Qadian organization, the perpetrator of the honorable prophethood, was used against Pakistan. An attempt was made to steal the secrets of this country by buying traitors. Attempts have been made to stamp out the people of this country in religious extremism. With the help of the media, the ideology based on Judaism has been imposed on us. My body. Slogans of my will. Liberals of this country.And in this country, which was planted by the secular class, the viruses of deadly diseases became smaller. Attempts were made to separate this country from the provinces ... !!!!

It is not up to a human being to estimate the amount of money spent by Jews and Christians to get to the bottom of this mystery of God and to end Pakistan and if all this which I have mentioned above Used against a country, it is 90% possible to destroy that country, but even today Pakistan is in the same place where Pakistan came into being in 1947. Indeed, , Allah (swt) rewarded Pakistan, a stronghold of Islam, with a reward that fought for the survival of Islam in every difficult time. That prize is #ISI ... !!!

It is the ISI who thwarted the enemies of Islam and Pakistan in all their endeavors with the help of Allah without any technology. These enemies know so well that approaching the strategy which the enemy considered their success, this strategy of the enemy would become the destruction of the enemy. Today, the enemies of Islam and Pakistan acknowledge that those who destroy Pakistan Their settlements were destroyed but they did not get even one percent victory against Pakistan. This confession was made by a super power Russia in an era. Today this confession is being made by the super power of America in 2020 ... !!!

Very soon in the next few years all the countries of the world will recognize and declare to the world that the only superpower in the world is Pakistan which is a #s secret of Allah the secret of this secret is ISI which today No one has been able to understand it till now, no one has been able to reach it, no one has ever been able to buy it, no one has been able to see its shadow till today, which is present everywhere at all times, in every country, every single moment. Is....!!!!

We are soldiers of Allah, the secret of Islam ... !!!
Islam is our heart pakistan is the soul of this heart ... !!!

Shafaq kazmi
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