Buzdar Man Of Mission

(Inshal Rao, )

Before 2018, since 1990s whenever Punjab election results declared, public majority already aware who would hold the crown of the province, the simple reason behind this is that there were two parties that won the election during this period were under absolute control of an individual or a family. In 2018 if PMLN had massive mandate then all and sundry knew the CM would be from Sharif Family. However PTI won majority seats which proved major break of this trend. In Sindh PPP remained successful and everybody knew that Murad Ali Shah would be CM but in Punjab there was a sense of uncertainty who would hold as CM which prevailed until Imran Khan announced the name of Usman Buzdar and called him WasimAkram Plus. In WC 1992 WasimAkram played the key role in winning so IK chosen Buzdar for the main player of his team. Though Buzdar had no dynamic CV When he took over IK's dynamic policy, vision & mission was with him whom he tied dynamically. However he got inherited systematic poor governance, unsatisfactory law & order situation, systematic corruption, nepotism and traditional political involvement in government departments. At initial he started with ensuring Ministers and Officials reach their offices on time and initiated "Open Door Policy", ordered to all officials to implement this in their offices so people can get access easily for solution of their problems. Buzdar kept the dignity of every word of oath intact, every decision being taken in the best favour of public. Despite massive displeasure and anger of Parliamentarians he adapted an effective work to rule policy to insulate gov't departments from all kind of political involvement and pressure. Since long politicians are in habit of seeking transfer postings of their liking in their areas who usually give precedence to politicians over public interests. As per party policy to depoliticize gov't institutions Buzdar detached the traditional way of appeasing influential politicians and did not give authority of transfer postings and contracts of development schemes on their liking. As a result of this bold step Buzdar has to face hard criticism even from within the circle of party more then opposition. This is the simple reason of campaigns running against Buzdar. PMLQ openly demanding for royalty over transfer postings and contracts in three districts. Several MNAs and MPAs expressed angrily over Buzdar's insulating policy and they are feeling threat of loosing monarchy. As a result of this there is improvement in law and order situation in Province, the culture of political patronage gradually reducing. A clear change in revenue department can be seen. Health of citizens is priority of Buzdar administration, SehatInsaf Cards are being distributed in 28 Punjab districts which facilitate poor families & each family can avail 720,000 rupees. Under mother and child health initiative, five new hospitals in Mianwali, Layyah, Attock, Rajanpur and Bahawalnagar will be established. The University of Child Health Sciences and Center of Excellence for Mother and Child Care in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore, are the two amazing projects in the pipeline. 195 Basic Health Units (BHUs) have been upgraded into 24/7 BHUs, and 25 District Headquarter Hospitals (DHQs) and 15 Tehsil Headquarter Hospitals (THQs) have also been upgraded. While combating against COVID-19, Buzdar ensured free treatment for all who infected with disease. Under Ahsas Program, distributed 165 billion rupees among poor and needy families who badly affected in lock down. As a result of timely taken steps people are in safe zone. Today health department is fully prepared to deal with any emergency like coronavirus infection, established new testing laboratories which are now 17 hence testing capacity increased to 12000 per day, there are 2302 ventilators along with 9276 oxygen beds, established 2600 high dependency units. launched awareness campaigns by all possible means. All in all Buzdar shown great administrative skills and no effort has been spared. Further Under his. captaincy his team focused on the betterment of education, in seven decades majority have not easy access to universities, for providing equal opportunity to all there is plan to establish district base university. 1227 schools upgraded from elementary to secondary, provided learning & basic facilities to schools, established smart schools, introduced E-Transfer system. As a result over 100000 out of school children back to school. People of Southern Punjab have been crying for long, after five decades Buzdar Gov't took step towards province to make ease for said region so decision of establishing sub secretriat has been taken and announced to set a business park in Bahawalpur. Punjab Gov't doing much for the promotion of industrial sector while He took over there is only three economic zones and now it is nine, recently inaugurated Quaid-e-Azam Business Park at Sheikhupura aimed at boosting industrialization. Buzdar administration working day and night to improve governance, infrastructure, law and order, battling corruption, depoliticizing institutions but many politicians are extremely unhappy due to their fear of loosing their monarchy, some analysts and anchors may differ but people has shown satisfaction on his progress on social platforms like twitter and facebook and calling him a man of mission who reply to critics with action instead of words.

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