Kashmir - unresolved issue

(Aqsa qayoom, Khairpur)

Since the birth of Pakistan the war of territory dispute is being practised into two powerful nuclear counties. Decades years of war on occupying kashmir now having the terrible face for the human lives and humanity. The kashmir called the heaven on earth is converted into blood bath. The dwellers of kashmir is having the shower with cruelty, tyranny, violence, torture and murder.
Kashmir the most wanted area in history which is ruled by many of emperors and governors. It was the state when the Pakistan and india was being independent, this was the territory asked badly. After it became the bias with religious aspect. The ruler of kashmir wanted to coordinate with Hindus either the 77 % of population was Muslim.
At this point this dispute started, after having the argues and negotiation with kashmir, india and pakistan it took bad shape of war. No one could think this will bring to all kashmiries at the worst of their times. From the era the slogans of being heard. "Kashmir will be Pakistan" or "Kashmir will be India" but in all situation it is forgotten what Kashmir wanted to be.
Power, position and status always causes the deaths and agonies to the world. Similarly the kashmir is under that greed of power and occupying land of heaven.
After the failure of United Nation organization in solved and settling this dispute the world has less hopes for this dispute to be solved. It's never been in history a dispute like this, the WWI and WWII and cold war or other past disputes and wars are solved and sat by the time, no doubt the took the blood of humans and flashe of bodies but at last it settled but kashmir doesn't seem to be resolved.

How much the live is there dangerous, dead and burned. The people live their thinking this could be their last day, the curfew, the lock down and torture to those people is nothing but the ashes of humanity that spreads all around the world but helpless to help. Its been difficult to go out for school, job, prayers or buying something for food. People are dieing in hunger, people are murdered when they go out for meal, people are killed when they go to school for education.
The worst face of inhumanity spread far and wide in Kashmir.

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