Tourism In Morocco .

(Sadia Tairq, Karachi)

Tourism has been around from the beginning of time, in fact people were travelling and staying at places outside of their “home” for various reason; whether it be movement for better living condition, religious meetings, personal fulfillmen, etc. Individuals have been utilizing various means of transport in order to move back and forth since olden days. In that era, simple form of transportation were used, these include: donkeys, horses and camels. Hence transportation and tourism work together and have a shared relationship.Tourism is a major economic activity that has developed significantly over the years. It’s an activity that can be recognized in both developed and developing nations. In general terms, tourism is the movement of a person from one place to another to visit and mesmerize the beauty of that place or to have fun. Moreover, the concept of traveling is considered a luxury and only people with higher income can afford this luxury.People has different destinations for travel but Morocco is the most unique. The name Morocco originates from the name of the former capital city of the land – the city of Marrakesh. Today the country has just over 33 million of population and is the only African country that is not part of the African union. The country, though, is a part of the Arabian league and is the main US ally that is not part of the NATO. After landing in Casablanca, the biggest city in the country, I took the train to the capital city of Rabat. The city of Casablanca itself is nothing really special, except the famous name, which will stay with movie fans forever, as it was here that the 1942 Humphrey Bogart/Ingrid Bergman movie was filmed. Many say that the romantic drama of the World War 2 is the most romantic film ever to be made.The desert is the best place to see the snow covered peaks
This unique mountain chain stretches through the whole northern Africa and includes the highest northern African peak. Its contrast is also hilly Sahara, but its peaks keep changing. It’s a rough and hostile terrain, but people live here and also in the desert, most of them barely surviving.
Morocco is on the west-northern part of the continent and borders the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean, Western Sahara and Algiers. Its landscape varies greatly from the beautiful sea coast to tall mountains and boiling hot desert. The biggest contrast are the Sahara and Atlas. The tall mountains have snow covered peaks and typical canyons, while on the other side Sahara has the camels and heat.Most tourists that travel in Morocco certainly plan to stop in Casablanca to see the huge Hassan II mosque. The miracle of architecture, the third largest mosque in the world, boasts a removable roof and glass floor under which foams the Atlantic Ocean. Otherwise the port of Casablanca is a huge economic center with a small medina and the new part of town, where the French colonialists left their mark. As in Rabat, the capital of Morocco, in Casablanca you get the feeling that you are not in Africa. Modern shops, various cafes, luxury hotels and fashionably dressed people walk around wide avenues. Here is the place, where you can get a beer, as Moroccans because of religious reasons, do not drink alcohol. Thus, Morocco is a carousel of contrasts, where the tradition and modernity goes hand in hand, where modern metropolises inspire, where the royal cities move you to the past and where the magnificent Kasbahs impress in the middle of the high Atlas and the Sahara desert.Morocco has been drawing travelers in search of wild adventure, exotic sights and strange smells for centuries.
( Reference Sana Ghori)

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