Who is responsible for rising inflation?

(Iraj Manzoor, Karachi)

Mermaid! It is a matter of literature. The word which is to listen to us is a common man, a common man, the common man is related to radical radiation, which is called white or middle classes. And whose Arif He can easily fulfill his home and family needs, and he can not do the needs of life and he can not till the life of life.

Where the OM is the ruling of the government to rest and other occupation. As soon as the prices of dollars are affected by the common man, the fourth and large radius traders increase the prices of various items and put them in difficulty and difficult. Hands are religious festivals As soon as the prices of goods increases due to the growing inflation, Om has been facing difficulties, as well as the inflation is growing in our respect, as well as unemployment and ignorance and crime-makers are also increasing day. Is .

But the current inflation solution has given black market and bribery to this hadom, medium and average radiation can not even meet the need to fill the stomach and the need to cover.

The government and the public need to be magical and processed to prevent the gastrointestinal and disadvantages born in which the inflation and mischief born in the narrated inflation and narrative. The government does not come into a lot of development less.

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