Religious extremism And terrorism

(Areeb Ahmed, Karachi)

THE word terrorism, as defined in the dictionary, means the use of violence and intimidation to achieve ends. It, therefore, means that any act by a person or a group of persons or a state against unarmed defenceless innocent people to frighten them and to compel them to fall into submission for the achievement of an objective, political or otherwise.

Recently, there has been a lot of terrorism in the name of religion where extremists have caused a ton of violence in the city and destroying a lot of property along with harming citizens and blocking of roads. This caused major problems within the city as ambulances couldn’t reach hospitals on time, policemen were killed while controlling the crowd and a wave of terror was spread, all in the name of religion.

I am sure any sane indivi-dual anywhere in the world would be against terrorism in the strict meaning of the word. However, when double standards are applied, opinions differ. And education is the key, those protests could have been peaceful if they had proper knowledge about how to handle such situations and innocent citizens would not have suffered at all.

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