Pakistan and the Shore of Economy

(Aqsa Mughal, Sukkar)

Well we know that how a country suffering from economical crisis as well as from our weak government. If a country politically or economically strong so they will be get anything what they want, but when a state weak by these both ingredients so how are they called as strong nation. Now a days covide-19 spread over states, no doubt we are also face it, the first case appeared on 23rd February 2020, and today we spend the month of June, almost three months are passed, when first case appeared in Pakistan on that time where is our government, they are slept? We know that the average of poor people in Pakistan is partially high. The middle class struggle from economical issues, because upper class people is well established and lower class people got support from government, we are also part of pandemic, but on the other side the government make or spread some fake news about it. It is true we are part of pandemic but our government is greedy, they make fake patients, fake biochemistry reports, why? Our government did not sincere with their public, they make fake cases, reports for fund. Two years ago we got messages from government to do participate in DAM FUND, many of people contributed in it , so where is spend this fund? Still we are facing the dam issue. We export the material much more than import.

In 1947 we got the independence and Iran was the first nation who recognized the Pakistan as a separate nation, Quaide-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah struggled for the Pakistan since many years 1947, He died in 1948, when a Pakistan got independence it gave the loan to Germany about 20 crore, it means we had the better position than it, a newly independent state gave a loan to a country, After the death of Qalid-e-Milat country ruled by Liaquat Ali khan who strictly followed the rules of Qaid, after the assassination of Liaquat Ali khan state loose it pillars day by day, when a state weak by economically or politically then they need to join alliance. These are some highlight points which show the economic position of Pakitan. From 1950 to 2020 we are facing economic issues & clashes between political parties for some chairs not for citizens. China is successful country, why? Because they got the public opinion and full fill their demands. But here we pay the all taxes full fill the government demands by accepted their orders etc.

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