In Short Composition of Two States, and the Events of Indians in Muslim States

(Aqsa Mughal, Sukkar)

Pakistan and India, the two words make the combination of two ideologies, thoughts, customs, norms, and major one, religious aspect. They both are celebrating their independence at 1947. Pakistan got independence on 14 August of 1947 while India got independence on 15 August of 1947. The creation of both state on the basis of religious ingredients, the God of Muslim “Allah” and the God of Hindu “ Shankar, Bhagwan, Mata Rani” it is clearly shows the difference between Muslim and Hindu, Muslims are monotheists and Indians are polytheists. Before the separation, Indians and Muslims were controlled by British colonial. The theory of two nation distinct was clearly appear in the context of world history. Quaid-E- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who wants to formed Muslims nation in which Muslim enjoyed their life freely, in which they enjoyed the freedom of speech, freedom of religious fear, freedom of traditions. Allama Iqbal who saw the desired to have separation and Quiad-e-azam who full filled his dream. Aims of separate homeland were, enforcement of his sovereignty of the God almighty, establishment of Islamic democracy, revival of Muslim image and identity, protection of Muslims culture and civilization. The Hindus always motives to crush the Muslims as a nation ultimately to merge them into Hindu society. In the history various attempts made by Hindus to erase the Muslim culture, ideology, religion, civilization, Hindi Urdu controversy, shuddi and sanghtan movements are the glaring examples of the ignoable Hindu mentality. These all attempts were appeared in that conclusion was Muslim demolish their culture, traditions in order to merge it into Hindu system and nationalism.

Major object of the Pakistan movement to protect the culture, and sovereignty of God, the Muslims were not ready to accept Hinduism. Qauid-e-azam great laeder of MuslimUmmah of the subcontinent, he always tried to protect the rights of Muslims, the motive of his life to established separate homeland, during this period many were against him, but by the Almighty of Allah we are living in separate homeland where we enjoying our culture.

The provinces of Pakistan has been took over by some states or India, The conflict between Pakistan and India were started before the separation due to the different culture and dominancy of India over the Muslims. Pakistan and India fought their first war on 1947-48. Sometimes known as first Kashmir war fought over the princely state Kashmir and Jamu. In 1965 Pak-Ind fight their second war, the conflict begins after a clash between border patrols. In 1971 Pak-India third time go to war, at this scenario Pakistan has been lost it east wing which is known as Bangladesh. In 1972 Pakistan PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Indian PM Indira Ghandhi sign an agreement in the Indian town of Simla, in which both countries going to sign peaceful agreement or led to end the on going war and make friendly relation. In 1974 Kashmiri government declared that kashmiri is a unit of India which is rejected by Pakistan government.

India always shown it aggressive behavior towards Pakistan. India always tried to captured the territory of Muslim land and spread their culture over it. After all these events India created it nuclear asernal and then Pakistan established it nuclear asernal. India-Pakistan relations never can be became friendlier, the war over the princely state Kashmir and Jamu always on the peak, In these two sates Kashmiries are brutally killed by India, Nirander Modi again rouse to two nation theory, Modi in it own state known as Devil. We know that our custom norm tradition everything is changed, but where is humanity., at the time Kashmir controlled by Indian government and still there is no peaceful environment, if the India completely took control over the Kashmir then there will be no one can live happily. At current scenario New Delhi the capital of India where is Muslims are killed by Hindus, they are burned their home even burned them in markets. My question is that, (Indians) are praise to snake, monkey, cat, trees etc, so why you do not show your humanity.

During the partition of India and Pakistan some Indians came at Pakistan and some Muslims were still stayed at India, At India Indian Muslims killed by them but at Pakistan Hindus are not killed by Muslims, they treat them equally in society, even they are freely enjoyed their occasions.

Today is an event of them which is known as Holi a colorful happy day, they are celebrating at where they are living also at Pakistan, but the people of it country did not killed them, we are not snatched their happiness, they have their own culture and traditions so why we criticize them. This is a short overview about Pakistan and India.

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