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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Today, I elaborate the controversial affidavits who have given by Ex-Chief justice of Gilgit Baltistan. The content of Affidavit is very much clear but intent of holder is ambiguous. He can’t explain his position in his affidavit. What is the object of this affidavit to present in front of public and why? It is bundle of allegations upon Mian Saqib Nisar, ex-chief justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan. In this regard, some videos are viral on social media is unauthentic. Over and above, this is political agenda of some politician or parties because they have attempted to sabotage integrity of Pakistan and demoralize our judicial system. Aim of this affidavit is to disrespect our judicial system and break people confidence. Our judicial system is extremely good and people have been getting justice from courts. The public confidence upon court should remain intact and they give respects to courts for promulgation of justice in Pakistan.

Conversely, there are some defects are prevailing in our judicial system but it does not mean we cherished lawlessness. The pillar of judicial system is standing on evidence. As we knew it the sharia law in Islam is depending upon evidence. Without evidence you cannot claim anything as matter of right. You should prove your case beyond the shadow of doubts. The case of Ex-chief justice of GB Versus Saqib Nisar, Ex-chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan is one of example in Pakistan to divert intent of public from political scenario. The major source of this case of News article includes affidavit which has taken from London, UK and same published by “Daily Jang group. The news editor of Jang group has called up by the Islamabad High Court. However, the new Pandora box has open in judicial side which is base on allegation. It may be possible to elaborate by high court in actual sense of this case because this type of allegation can’t prove in court of law.

The ex-Chief of Gilit Baltistan has wakeup after prolong sleep this juncture is not upto the right mark. The creditability of Ex-chief justice of apex court of Pakistan should far beyond the boarder. This time Ex-chief justice of GB has done big mistake. According to my sense of law, it is baseless case and Ex-chief justice of Gilgit Baltistan can’t prove his affidavit nor defended. Normally, the affidavit has presumed personal grantee who have given in some particular environment or specific condition or give surety to do or refrain from anything. In Pakistani culture a person who have retirement from service that he would presumed that he is an honest person and favor to Pakistan to speaking truth which cannot possible before. It is ridiculous. As far as concerned his personal opine may true in his sense even agreed some people. Actual reality is not hiding in any manner. We should think positive regarding our judiciary. The political parties would have acquired some advantage from ruling party otherwise it is political threat to judiciary.

Let see what happen next. Islamabad High Court has taken up this matter on iron hands. The respondents have called up in courts to elaborate the actual theme of this matter. What kind of object taken by someone else and why? There are different lacuna has been raised in this petition. The prima facie of petitions are creating many doubts against Ex-Chief Justice of Gilgit Baltistan. The Ex-chief Justice of Gilgit Baltistan has falsely implicated this case against Ex-chief Justice of apex court of Pakistan and trying to attempt to create bad name for judiciary.

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