The Impact of Protests on Muslim Communities Abroad.

(Syed Fawad Ali Shah, Peshawar)

With a heavy heart, I express my sentiments regarding recent events in Washington, D.C. A rally in support of Palestine, predominantly attended by Muslims who have received visas or citizenship from the United States, stirred my contemplation. Among the attendees were Muslims who had once sought refuge in other lands, only to find a new home in the United States. It leaves me pondering why individuals dedicated to the cause of Islam engage in protests and rallies in nations such as America, Europe, Australia, the UK, or New Zealand. One cannot help but wonder why these passionate individuals do not direct their voices towards regions more closely tied to the issue at hand, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Brunei, Indonesia, China, Russia, or other Arab Muslim nations. The question that arises is the purpose behind such protests in countries largely disconnected from the focal concerns. Some Muslim countries have raised their voices on behalf of Palestine, yet even they have fallen silent, aware of the monumental responsibility that Muslim nations are ill-equipped to bear. The conflict in Palestine should not have led to hostilities against Israel, as there was a conspicuous absence of support from other nations during these trying times. As a result, the international community now looks to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR to provide sanctuary for the displaced Palestinian citizens. However, a pressing question looms: even if UNHCR designates these Muslim Palestinians as refugees, will non-Muslim countries be willing to offer them resettlement? Under the pretext of advocating for Palestine, those Muslims protesting in Europe, America, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand may inadvertently be creating difficulties for their fellow Muslims. In such circumstances, these non-Muslim nations may become increasingly hesitant to admit Muslim immigrants. It is incumbent upon us to uphold the peace and harmony in the countries that have extended their helping hand to us during our times of need, providing us with shelter and solace. This message is a reminder to all those Muslims who aspire to live harmoniously in non-Muslim countries. If any person organizes protests or rallies in countries like America, Europe, Canada, the UK, Australia, or New Zealand under the pretext of Islam, those countries should consider revoking the nationality of such people and deporting them to their country of origin. They had come and settled so that they would know that the punishment for betraying those who do good is very bad.
Syed Fawad Ali Shah
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