(shah Nawaz Bokhari, Rawalpindi)

Election 2024

The Election Commission of Pakistan has announced the date of the election and the general election will be scheduled for 8th February 2024. In this regard, the major back by the Pakistan Tehreek -e-Insaaf who have not vouched to participate to uphold any procession in any district or province to date, however, it is not good practice but it seems the incumbent government feels some fear from PTI. In my perception, the race for the premiership by Mr. Imran Khan in upcoming General Election has not been possible due to some hidden facts. There are many reasons behind, it the lack of tolerance towards other politicians is a big setback for the entire PTI leadership, and having to make wrong decisions in previous regimes i.e dissolution of provincial assembles shows their negligence or lack of political awareness. The blame is always put on the military establishment, which is not a good practice. If the root cause of democracy is going in the wrong direction then political development has not be seen in this state.

The general election is a way for the people to select their representatives to develop their villages and cities. The people's affiliations in various political parties it is essential to deeply observe the moral character of any leader who has to intent to vote in upcoming general elections and it is essential to look at their activities before the election. The entire scenario depends upon people who choose their party and give confidence in the formation of a government that will try to normalize inflation in Pakistan. Mr. Imran Khan is a good man but it is not essential he will select a good political team for the growing future of Pakistan. I am saying that select those who have the capability to do so for their beloved country. The oral calculation is not enough but it will give a solid plan to grow the economy of Pakistan.

In my perception, I do not see good leadership qualities in the entire Pakistani Political leadership who have the ability to go in the right direction i.e. welfare state. The mindset of the people needs to change to uphold for right path but it is a reason to worry about where majority of people not offering five times payer per day so I cannot expect to select decent people or select natural leaders from amidst communities. It is ashamed for us we are so called Muslims but our mannerism is lying on deathbed. Our political leadership takes advantage and makes us fool to creating their vote bank through ridiculous activities which is not in favor of public. The short fall of electricity, gas and other commodities are using to control people in any manner and give slogan in favor of their political agenda. The rising salary of government servants is a very good tactic to control people and generate their opinion in favor of political scenario nothing else.

Our middle-class communities are suffering many difficulties; no one pays much attention to sort out basic facilities i.e. pure water and basic health facilities from government hospitals. If our political leadership does not pay such attention to these aspects one day, they will sleep one night on the next day lying on deathbed. This situation will happen one day for the bright future of Pakistan that day Pakistan will go in the right direction the only thing that will happen through the support of Jihid soldiers. Our root cause of political leadership is coming from dirty politics. These politicians have come from the National Assembly through fraud, deception, collusion, or many other devilish actions, that will harmful impact on the entire state. The name of the election in Pakistan means you will provide an opportunity to those who belong to mafia groups & consisting of thieves robbers land grabbers etc or a person who serves for the National Assembly or Senate whose object is to collect wealth for his entire life. The lack of democratic thinking is a missing factor in our political system.
shah Nawaz Bokhari
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