“One may smile and smile and be a villain”

(FZ Khan, Islamabad)

Imran Khan is a very fine human being. Why everyone is afraid of him, shows his strong character, righteousness and straight forwardness. Jemima Khan who left him for reasons, never talked against his personal character. Not only has she publicly admired him, after the divorce, she practically led rallies in London in support of him. Even today, after the Reham Khan episode, she speaks high of him. And what Reham Khan has so far divulged, it is not Imran Khan's person. This is what he is. I pray for longer life of him. If he has braved all odds so far, Destiny has in store for him to play a very crucial role in time to come. Such a man can't be a political hypocrite. That's why the seekers of truth are at his back. He has not budged. He has the guts to stand alone and turn the storm on others.

Putting aside what dharna politics carried with it, no one can imagine how could he sustain standing alone at D-Chowk not for one day, one week or one month but 126 long days, it sent shockwaves to the power centres in Islamabad, and the world over. He doesn’t look crazy for power, but he protests against dhandlis (injustices) being done in all spheres of life, not only in the elections, but with the people of this country, with each one of us. His roar still echoes in the ears. One can laugh and laugh, but the truth remains that he was not wrong. Even today too Imran Khan cannot prove the tricks played in the by-elections, which cost millions to bring back the worthy speaker to his office in the parliament. “One may smile and smile and be a villain.”

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