How will our Pakistan is

(Hajira Aslam, Sialkot)


"With faith,discipline,and selfless devotion to duty,there is nothing worthwhile that you cannot achieve"

Pakistan is god_gifted,which has wonderful natural scenes,and which have a vast material of natural resources which we can utilize it and make a better way of development. But the question is that what should my Pakistan is?Let's discuss one by one.

1.Education: Firstly,we must focus on education system,and overview what was the reason that our education system is lacking behind.Education which stress most famous personalities like Quaid_e_azam,Syed Ahmed,and so many.Our education system at a private sector which mostly speaking English language,and poor level gets education in a government sector in which we will not provide at a better way of education,so adopt parallelism both sectors in which our youth takes benefit.

2. Protection of sovereignty of women:Women is the backbone of any nation.Today,we observed there is no kind of protection provide to women,like honour killing,violence,etc.In Islam which gives equal rights women and men.

3.Gives equal rights to minorities:Islam is a religion,which right to enjoy their life according their way like culture,festival.

4.Rational Patriotism: If all of us adopted this factor,arrange some programmers,debates,in which know how about each other and rise factor of "rational patriotism"

5.No to Corruption:"Corruption is nature's way of restoring our faith in democracy".Corruption is burning issue of these days in Pakistan.We eliminate factor of bribery,misuse of public fund,demanding money.Champions don't cheat just say no corruption.

6. Abolition of Feudalism: Feudalism is an type of dictatorship,it fetch the writers from poor peoples.To stop the abolition of feudalism in Pakistan,and gives all rights equally to all nation and their members.

7.Justice for all:'And whenever you give your word,say the truth"(al.Anaam) To provide equal rights,freedom to speak,to all member nations.In Pakistan,justice is very rare,because we provide to more value who are well settled and those who belong to middle/poor level,no one can bother,even no one can hear their voice,but in Islam they teach us to provide equal justice for all human beings.

Conclusion:As you know,we all of us facing very severe positions,my message is to all Pakistan that fulfill your responsibility with dignity,with courage,confidence without any interest. Quaid's who had died just for sake of Pakistan,jinah secret his death reality,which is "kept political sector" just for Pakistan,now think we are jinnah."Building up Pakistan as a bulwark of Islam,and one of biggest nation,peace in and peace without.Keep your morale.You are a Nation whose history is replete with people of wonderful,character,and heroism."There is no power on earth that can undo Pakistan".

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