What should my ideal Pakistan be like?

(Misbah Abdul Jabbar, Karachi)

My love for my motherland is infinite but there is always room for improvement and in our case, we seem to have much more room than needed, already. If we, citizens of Pakistan, could come together and work as one, we could bring Pakistan to the heights of success, prosperity and peace and make it an ideal nation. Now, the question that arises is, what qualities would our 'Ideal Pakistan' have?

Firstly, my Ideal Pakistan needs to have a better panel of politicians. No corrupt politician should remain in the parliament as one bad fish can spoil the whole pond. This is not just limited to politicians but to everyone in the country. Secondly, it should have strict laws for everyone, ranging from the Prime Minister to an ordinary man. No one should get away with even the slightest of corruption, murderers and rapists should be punished for their sins, gambling should be prohibited and many more. Thirdly, it should be an epitome of peace and harmony and no one should be afraid to go out on the streets, no one should need to risk their lives in order to earn or to get education. People should not be living under a constant fear that they might be under attack anytime now. Also, it should be free of poverty. Poverty, at this moment, is feeding on the roots of our country and values like termite, and if no action is taken against it, this could solely be the reason of our country's downfall, nothing else would be needed then. Moreover, its literacy rate should be at least 80% or above because a nation without education is like a bird without wings.

My ideal Pakistan would be free of terrorism and extremism and would run on the true principles of Islam as described in the Holy Quran. It would not just be for Muslims but be an amalgam of different religions, cultures and ethnic groups and everyone would be free to practice their religion or celebrate their Holy events. A place where no one would be afraid to tell their identity as a Hindu, Sikh, Parsi or Christian. A place where cops cannot beat someone up just because their own belief system is so weak, that they cannot see someone eating in front of them while they are fasting. It would be a place where people would be tolerant and forgiving towards each other and not giving each other death threats over every minor road accident. It would be a place where women would be respected and not whistled at on the streets or harassed by men who think women are their property. Women would be given equal position as men in the society, rather than being killed on the name of their family's so called 'honour'. It would be a place where the elders are respected and loved, a place with empty or no old age homes. It would be a place with no inflation and, at least, basic necessities like food and shelter would be affordable to everyone as well as where health wouldn't be considered as a luxury in lower and middle class families just because of sky high rates of medicines.

My ideal Pakistan would come into being when people wouldn't need to think twice before taking their shoes off outside Mosques or Temples, worrying it might get stolen, when the jails would be empty and schools would be crowded, when there would be proper facilities for special people, when girls wouldn't need to be scared of going out alone on the streets, when teachers would be given respect according to their noble status, when fake degrees are no more issued and every professional in all fields would actually be professionals and not butcher-turned-doctors, when no one would have to sleep with an empty stomach and no one would steal out of hunger. Hazrat Ali RA once quoted: "If a person starts stealing because of hunger, the person entitled to the punishment would not be the one who stole but the Leader of that country."

A kick-start to many of the problems' solutions will be when the government actually starts taking their responsibilities seriously.They should start by making secondary education compulsory for all and free so that the masses could benefit from it. They should provide free health facilities too. Making the laws more strict and effective and implementing on them is also on the list of things waiting to be improved. They should take steps towards reducing the sky high inflation as it counts as one of the major problems in Pakistan. If not that, the people will have to stand up for their own good. A change in the ideas and perceptions of the people itself can bring about a huge change. Thoughts like, taking a very basic example, throwing garbage on the streets. Every person thinks 'There is not going to be any difference if I don't litter the street. It's just one person, everyone else is doing it so I will do it too'. No. That is a wrong perception. Change starts from you. First, you will have to be the change you that you want in your country. After all, it is the little drops of water that make the mighty ocean. One should neither try to bribe someone nor be bribed themselves for a wrong thing in wrong thing, no matter what. People should understand that the cities' are like the walls of their own home and stop painting inappropriate things on them. There are a number of NGOs in Pakistan that are working for issues like education, health, child labour, women rights. We could help them by donating as much as we can or doing the legwork with them and using your skills to help them in their mission. Either the people take stance for themselves or Pakistan needs more people like Edhi, Cheepa, Sarim Burney.

May Allah keep Pakistan under the shadow of his blessings. Ameen.

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