Bangla Desh – A Subservient State to India!!

(Sarwar, Lahore)

Mir Jafar was PM of Nawab Siraj - ud - Daula, ruler of Bengal. In the battle of Palasi (1757 A.D.) Mir Jafar betrayed the Nawab against the alien aggressors. The Nawab was martyred in the thick of the battle. Resultantly the battle was lost. This opened a gateway to the slavery of two hundred years of the Sub continent. The Nawab who fought for the defence of the motherland enjoys respect till today whereas Mir Sadiq, in recognition of his conspiracy with the alien victor, was made Nawab, but only for 40 days. This act of mutuiny has been condemned even by a lay man.

Mir Qasim of Bangla Desh (former East Pakistn) who was hanged on September 03, 2016, should not be mixed up with Mir Jafar of Bengal or Mir Sadiq (another traitor conspired with the Britishers and led to the martyrdom of Sultan Tipu, occupation of State of Maysor and speedy subjugation of whole of India). Mir Qasim of Bengla Desh, being a patriot, knew that actions of Mukti Bhani, supported by Indian Army and her terrorists would dismember his country and open a gateway of permanent and effective intervention of Bharat in the affairs of BD. This state of affairs would be worst type of slavery. He, alongwith many likeminded Bengalis, tried to convince the Bengalis to appreciate the impeding dangers and counter the Mukti Bhanis, supported by the Indian Army in disguise. The active Indian support to Mukti Bhanis coupled with naked attack by the Indian Army, turned the balance in favour of the attacker. The country was split into two. The Bengalis got freedom from Pakistan. Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman became the Founder of the New Country i.e. Bengla Desh. Alas! This time, like Mir Jaffar, the Independence of Bengla Desh, could bot be maintained as such even for 40 days.

The helpers and so called ‘Saviours of Bengalis” came in a big way. They took reward for their “Historical Performance” forcibly and immediately. They took every thing attractive, reserves of foreign exchange, currency notes, gold / silver lying in banks / Govt treasury, military equipment, armament, weapons, industrial machinery and stocks in factories/whare houses, railway engines, bogies; both of passengers and goods trains etc. They looted the country to their fill. There was none to stop them. Nobody had the courage to utter a word “Stop it” against this plunder. The Indians made ingresses in every field: economy, education, culture, religion, armed forces, foreign trade, foreign affairs and politics. Mujib ur Rehman and his successors could not frame any policy against the dictates of the Indians.

Mir Qasim was a confirmed patriot, an act which is never punishable under any law. He and many others were bestowed with a vision and far-sight to look into future. He could foresee the plight of BD in coming years. But for the policies of PM Husaina Wajid, a stouge of Indian Govt, and fully subservient to India's policies, she has hanged many leading but presently old Pakistanis on flimsy grounds. She, in a bid to please India, tries to enlive Anti Pakistan sentiments. No sane person on this globe would appreciate her actions. Her actions are deplorable but she does not care for the criticism.

One day the Bangalis would certainly realize that status and plight of their country is not different from that of Sikkim and Bhutan. The Bengalis will realize that even Sri Lanka, a far more tiny State as compared to Bengla Desh, is more sovereign and independent. She foiled all the moves of her cunning neighbor to make her a subsidiary State. The sooner this realization comes the better it will be. In the life of nations even “moments matter! A question: will the patriot and freedom lover Bengalis like to live as a subservient State to Bharat or as Independent, sovereign State?

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