Bharat All Out To Harm Pakistan

(sarwar, lahore)

The Bharatis must know that Prime Miniter Narender Moodi, admitted that he has been member of RSS since his school days. Moreover as PM he appreciated Godsay’s act of murdering Mahatma Ghandi - the Father of Bharat. Moodi has given free hand to his forces for all kind of barbaric atrocities in IHJ&K and pampered actions of RSS elements throughout India. The minorities are living in an atmosphere of fear and feel highly insecure. The treatment meted out to Dalits, the Muslims and other minorities living in India and policies followed by him are aimed at drifting the “Secular India” to "Hindu India.” However, Moodi’s actions may be source of pleasure for certain short sighted elements for the time being but eventually these will prove very harmful to the solidarity and integrity of Bharat.

Bharat has shown her consent for granting political asylum to Braham Dag Bughti (resident of Balochistan) - a confirmed anti state element claiming to fight for liberation of Balochistan. It is not a surprise. Since long India granted political asylum to Dalai Lama of Tibet –only to keep the Tibet issue alive. Bharat has been pampering actively the anti state elements of her neighbouring states. This is done because through the concerned elements she develops solid, secure, secret and permanent sources to continue anti state activities in these countries. Narendar Moodi, the confirmed Mad man and one of the Top Ten Terrorists on our globe, during his visit to Bengla Desh, in a speech, admitted openly that it was India who provided all types of active support including Military personnel in civilian clothes to Mukti Bahanis. He futher admitted that it was only because of Indian help and sacrifices of her Army that the Bengalis won freedom from Pakistan. He also admitted that now in Balochiatan some dissident elements are waiting for his help on the lines provided to Bengalis in 1970s.He forgot to mention that it was Bharat who motivated, trained and sent Tamil Nadus to fight against the legal government of Sri Lamka. However the Sri Lankans stood behind their Government/Armed Forces and having passed through an era of turbulence, bloodshed and sacrifices succeeded in foiling the foreign backed separatist movement. The country remained united.

Moodi, during his visit to Saudi Arabia, was decorated with the highest Civil Award and in one of the Middle East States he got land and sanction for building a temple for the Hindu community living there. He is busy in making serious ingresses in the Middle East. Moodi’s visits to Iran and Kabul, signing of contracts to develop Port of Chah Bahar with a view to taking Indian goods/influence to Central Asian States through Iran and Afghanistan clearly speak of his efforts to reduce the importance of Gawadar, CPEC, and encircle Pakistan from East and West. These events also show the futuristic trend of regional and international relations Bharat is aiming at. Ashraf Gani’s recent visit to Bharat and his threats to Pakistan can have meaningful repercussions on our relations in the region especially the Central Asian States and SAARC countries. India is all out to mobilize all above mentioned countries against Pakistan through diplomatic ties, temptations, coercive measures and economic and defence ties.The recent hanging of old men after 45 years in Bangladesh on the pretext that they stood against dismemberment of Pakistan at the hands of Muktibahnis, speaks of the nourishment of hatred against Pakistan. Hussaina Wajid has been fully traped by Narender Moodi. She has made Bangla Desh a subservient state to Bharat on the lines of Sikkim and Bhutan. Her government, Bagla Desh Army and policy making Institutions are in effective grip of Bharat. She is fully in the grab of Moodi, no way out!!

The Kashmiris are suffering over the past 70 years and have given unprecedent sacrifices. The world has not come forward to get implemented her resolutions regarding plebescite in IHJ&K. It could not force India to honour her promises made with Kashmiri Muslims. The Kashmiris tried every method to get freedom from tyrant rule of India. The Indians, ignoring their promises, resorted to all types of tricks to keep their tight grip on Kashmir since her forces made illegal entry in IHJ&K in 1948. However, quite recently these atrocities have taken new turns, found new dimensions and crossed all ethical limits over the past three month. The extensive atroticies since Eid ul Fitr (Killed =111, Pelet Blinds =6000, Wounded =20,000 (many of the wounded were hauled up from hospitals as well), Arrested = 25,000, Curfew for 77 days, Acute dearth of eatables, medicine and essentials, damage to property / means of livelihood of kashmiris) are beyond human imagination. Whatever is happening in Indian Held Jammu and Kashmir over the recent past is obviously the result of policies followed by Narender Moodi, the Top Madman and 1 of 10 Terrorists of the world. Had the sane persons and inteliegencia in Bharat inclding the Politicians kept an eye on the speeches and actions of the Madman and his Army, the events would have not taken such a serious turn. The well planned and ideally “timed” drama of Uri (killing own men like Pathan Kot episode) just before the UN General Assembly session, could not befool the world. You can’t befool all the people all the time!! Then why to kill own military (On both occasions probably the soldiers were Sikhs) personnel? The benefits viz a viz the loss of human lives and demoralizing effect on the fighting forces in Kashmir were not properly weighed by the planners of this Episode!!

It is an eye opener for those propogating “Aman Ki Asha” and advocating status of “Most Favoured Nation” for transit and trade facilities and social/cultural realtions with Bharat. There are certain elements and pseudo thinkers who are active in eroding from our Youth’s mind the Two Nation Theory and the Ideology of Pakistan. Such elements question the Creation of Pakistan and propagate benefits of close relation with Bharat no matter how mucg price we have to pay. They try to misguide the youth through teaching staff in educational institutions particularly. Bharat is making heavy investments on such elements. We must keep them under strict watch.

India has tried her best to create confusion, mobilize political parties against one another and create misunderstanding among the provinces regarding the economic benefits and favour done to a particular province while deciding about the route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor. By doig so Bharat wanted that the project should die in its infancy. She is deadly against it for obvious reasons. Development of port of Chah Bahar and close ties with Iran and Kabul are the steps directed to undermine CPEC. US is in complete harmony with India on this issue.

Pakistan is passing through crisis similar to Pre 1971 War. US’s open inclination towards Bharat is evident from the recent economic and defence pacts signed with India which will give a big boost to her economy and defence potential. It is beyond doubt that US is supporting India, and will keep doing so in any future crisis between Pakistan and India. She will continue pressurizing Pakistan, and as usual, keep demanding “Do More.” The main aim of “Do More’ is to finish off any chance of improved relations with Afghanistan - we have a long list of sacrifices for the Afghans but the ruling puppet Janta in Afghanistan, in collaboration with her newly emerging (cunning) friend (India) is trying to pose serious threats to the integrity and solidarity of our beloved country. Ashraf Ghani though highly inefficient in managing the affairs of his countryand divorced from desired public support yet blames Pakistan for every act of the Talban. In any future armed clash with India he is bound to create difficulty for Pakistan. He is likely to pay off all the favours Pakistan did since USSR intrusion in Afghanistan!!

In the presence of a patriot leadership and complete harmony among the Pakistanis in all walks of life any Trica like India-Afghanistan-USA will not be able to intimidate Pakistan. In Shah Allah.

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