Why India is threatening to Pakistan?

(imran shermila , Chiniot)

The rivalry between India and Pakistan is not hidden both are acquiring modern and lethal weapons through which they have created uncertainty in this region. Moreover the role of United States in this region is biased because not only US wants to counter China and Russia but also using the resources of whole Asia with deploying its military forces, establishing military basis and invaded in Afghanistan and Iraq. India has become key ally after receiving the civil nuclear technology from United States while Pakistan still survive on the economic aid of United States or on debt of IMF and World Bank. The balance of power is worst disturb of South Asia and its ongoing situation is very alarming because India repeatedly challenging the Pakistan on different front those will provoke war in this region, it might be nuclear. Some of the key issues between India and Pakistan are attentional to international society those must be resolve on the urgent basis. Now India is showing its credibility to threating the Pakistan by the insurgency in Baluchistan, deployed the forces on Line of Control, Violate the Indus water treaty and Killing the innocent people in Kashmir.

1. Baluchistan is a largest province of Pakistan by area that is strategically very important for Pakistan and full of mineral resources but the presence of Indian agencies in Baluchistan not only violating the International Law but also threating the Pakistan within its territory. The process of development in Baluchistan is disturb due to Indian intervention in this province. India is promoting terrorism in Baluchistan with its financial and military assistance to insurgents with this intention to destabilize the Pakistan while the International Society has admitted the sacrifices of Pakistan against terrorism. Indian weapons and RAW agents not only founded in Baluchistan but some also captured by the Pakistan Army recently Kulbhshan Yadav also arrested.

2. Both Indian and Pakistan armed forces deployed on Line of Control for their country defense or to attack each other but they violate the seize fire agreement and the result many civilian and military persons lost their lives. In this perspective Indian army is habitual to violate the seize fire agreement and have to killed many innocent people.

3. Indus treaty occurred in 1960 between India and Pakistan Prime Ministers in which they decided the eastern rivers (Ravi, Beas and Sutlej) water will use India and western rivers (Indus, Jhelum and Chenab) water will use Pakistan, instead the water of these river Pakistan will use India constructed the Wuller Barrage on river Jhelum, Baghliar Dam on Chenab and Kishanganga Hydro Electric Power Project on Neelum river which is tributary of Jhelum. Pakistan economy is based on agriculture but India wants to arid its fields with blocking the water of these river, if India get success the economy of Pakistan will definitely collapse.
4. Kashmir is a disputed area between India and Pakistan from the day of independence which having the Muslim Population while the Indian army by force captured this area but the people of Kashmir is still fighting for freedom. It’s a fundamental right of everyone to get freedom and spend his life peacefully. Indian army has killed thousands of people in Kashmir and tried to suppress their freedom movement but they are fighting unrest for their freedom. Ethnic cleansing is going on Kashmir by Indian army and demographic change is happening on widely because the Indian Army believe, they don’t let down these freedom fighters. A new freedom movement is ongoing in Kashmir with the death of Burhan Wani.

What does India want to achieve with doing these. Does India want to divert the world attention over Kashmir to LOC condition? Or India again is going to stop Pakistan water? Or India wants to halt the Baluchistan insurgency issue? Yes, India succeeded logically to achieve all explained objectives.

India is threatening the Pakistan and showing its credibility to target the innocent people in Baluchistan, LOC and in Kashmir and have to stop the water of Pakistan. The region will remain disturb until the issue of Kashmir will not resolve otherwise a serious threat of nuclear war will remain because if they go for limited war or Serjical Strike.

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