Hence War win and Humanity Lose

(Hammad Ali Shah, Wah Cantt)

Hence War and Humanity Lost

 Many people claims that war is the only solution to make peace with India and other countries these days. In my opinion such theories are conspiracy theories which have been not presented by Intellectual people but have been developed by our people in ourselves. The "A Class" people have made the mindset of the "Lower Class" to comply and do so.

What if Pakistan conquers the whole India? Have we will be happy a happy life? Have these so called Politicians will grant us our basic rights? No, We will be having the same situations as these days in our country and it will also resultant in he lose of Humanity. Maybe we live far bad life after the war.

You will be in doubt but i want to clear you another thing that are we Pakistanis having problem from Indian peoples? Are they having problems by us? No, people of both countries are having problems by these Corrupt Politicians, Landlords, Business tycoons, Army Officials, Bureaucrat and other A Class people. The situation of the people of Pakistan is same as the Indians are suffering from. India is having 22 Million people who are homeless, So are they good then us? No, people of both countries are having same issues and situations. We have watched the history in Pakistan, We haven't saw such a loyal, Patriot politician who have End the Poverty, Illiteracy, Unemployment and other Issues in Pakistan since 1947 but these issues must be end after 1947 but unfortunately we are suffering shabby till now.

If both countries really want a war between them, then Politicians, Army Officials, Business Tycoons and Presidents should fight with each other. What's the fault of those Lower Class people whom you had marginalized since from decades?

There are two types of groups who are killing the Lower Class, the one we called "Terrorists" who stop us by pursuing Education, Who blast bombs, Who Kills the children with their weapons and the other group is these so called "Politicians" who kills the Lower Class by their Democracy, Electric Load-shedding, Poverty, Unemployment, Injustice and other issues. I am not narrating this but we have seen since from decades we are having such situations. Playing war is not the solution but giving them their basic rights is the revolution of the nation.


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