India's useless conspiracy to isolate pakistan

(Mohammad waqar Arif, Islamabad)

India’s coward stance to isolate Pakistan, perhaps become blind to accept the reality that its neighbor arch rival Pakistan enshrined in the list of world’s eight atomic power out of 196 countries in the world, being a 44th big economy as well 6th most populous country and having great Sino Pak friendship, have the capability to defend any aggression in term of war of words, physical or civil war. Indian Prime Minister Narendar modi, who became P.M on the base of aggression speech against Pakistan, want to extend his tenure up to 5 years more, adopted the policy again by giving anti Pakistan inflammatory view to gain more favor from his political wing.

The tensions between both countries were already at high point, when the incident of URI attack occurred which worked as bear the brunt of it. It’s something not new when India alleged Pakistan behind the attack without any proper investigation. Indian media, politician, and senior army officers too blamed Pakistan which depicts the repetition of history once again. Because it not happened for the first time, history reveals that whenever Pakistan tried to highlight the issue of Kashmir or tried to bring the prosperity in the region through bilateral discussion, that kind of incident took place to divert the attention and pretend to cancel the meetings. Incident of Bombay attack in 2007, when shah mehmood qureshi as a foreign minister visited India for bilateral discussion on various issues including Kashmir, pathan coat incident in 2016, when foreign secretary interlocutor were already arranged . which canceled by India and during president Clinton visit to South Asia, incident had taken place and India accused Pakistan which later revealed that it was an inside job. These are the big examples of Indian conspiracies against Pakistan.

As 71st session of United Nation General Assembly(UNGA) has been started and Pakistani prime minister nawaz sharif during his speech highly loud the voice to stop atrocities in Kashmir by Indian army and stressed on big powers to implement the resolution on Kashmir passed by united nation in 1948. India under big pressure once again tried to divert the concentration by self involved blasting at URI, because no proves have been given to Pakistan or any third party to the incident. So killing of 18 people in incident has not benefited India to divert the concentration. On the base of URI attack, India threaten Pakistan to isolate it in whole world. No doubt the current nexus between India and America is more concerned. Modi approached united state law makers Ted Poe, who is already known for anti Pakistan views, to present the bill in the congress to declare Pakistan “sponsor of terrorism” country. There is a small loby in the senate of U.S who want to pass the bill, but majority of them are not willing to pass. Because they cannot forget the support of Pakistan as ally againt terrorism. Some U.S senator also confessed that Pakistan had a great role against terrorism. Modi Boasted for just presenting the bill in U.S senate.

The support of U.S senator John McCain, having great influence in U.S senate, urged to support Pakistan. Ever first time in the history, Russian troops have arrived in Pakistan for joint military exercise to be held from September 24 to October 10. One more step towards improving the relationship, which reject the Indian P.M theory to ‘isolate Pakistan’. Pakistan on the route of development with long lasting relationship with china and fate changer project CPEC is also the nightmare for India. The monster of terrorism has been crushed under the great commander of General Raheel Shareef , and airing the dispute of Kashmir by our P.M at UNGA compelled India to divert the attention of world’s power as highlighting the slogan “isolated Pakistan” .

India’s stance to isolate has not any reality, being our enemy we can’t expect something favor. During the UNGA session world big powers i.e. united kingdom, Italy, Germany and China endorsed Pakistan’s stance on Kashmir. After the completion of Gwadar, it will become the gateway for central asian and African countries with short and feasible routes. Many foreign states urged to invest in Pakistan in different field along with the CPEC routes specially. Which totally deny the modi statement to isolate Pakistan.

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