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(Mehr Ispahani, )

Stressful situation between Pakistan and India continues. Two Pakistani soldiers lost their lives in an episode of cross firing at the Line of Control, which India claimed was a surgical strike. The Joint Session of Pakistan Parliament was convened to reaffirm the national resolve for safeguarding the sovereignty and preserving the territorial integrity of the motherland against any kind of external or internal threat as well as reiterating the moral, political, and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir,” PM expressed satisfaction over the level of preparedness of the Pakistan Armed Forces to match any provocation by the Indian security forces.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said Pakistan would respond "befittingly" to any firing by India from across the Line of Control. The APC reflects the sentiments of the people of Pakistan and shows that all political parties stand by the government and the courageous armed forces at this critical time. At this time a united Pakistan can counter Indian aggression, by working together we can achieve our national security goals. India has mercilessly killed 108 people in just two and a half months while hundreds have been injured by use of brute force.

The UN Secretary General, OIC Contact Group on Kashmir and Turkey have assured Pakistan that they would be dispatching fact-finding missions to Kashmir for determining the extent to which Kashmiri people were being subject to unprecedented use of brutal force by India’s over 700,000 troops amid . The prime minister went to the United Nations with three objectives: First, to raise voice of Kashmiri struggle and to highlight the Indian atrocities against unarmed innocent Kashmiris rendering ground breaking sacrifices.

Adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz has alleged that India has no moral ground to talk about counter-terrorism efforts and pointing fingers. Aziz also said that "Modi is misleading his BRICS and BIMSTEC colleagues", after when Indian Prime Minister NarendraModi said that Pakistan is the 'mother ship of terrorism'. It actually shows that the Indian leadership is desperately trying to hide "brutalities" in Kashmir and diverting the issue and putting blame on Pakistan.

Though The UN and OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) have rejected Indian attempts to equate Kashmiris' movement for self-determination with terrorism, United Nations has repeatedly emphasized that people fighting for their self-determination cannot be categorized as terrorists. Pakistan is and has been a victim of "Indian interference and subversive activities", which are aimed at destabilizing the country.

India constantly wants to keep the world under an impression based on lies that do not exist in reality the impression that Pakistan has become isolated in international community, this perception needs to be corrected as the country is very much engaged in world affairs”. China has opposed all forms of terrorism and has highlighted that the international community should increase counter-terrorism cooperation.Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman said that everyone knows that India and Pakistan are victims of terrorism. Pakistan has made huge efforts and great sacrifices in fighting terrorism. I think the international community should respect this," he further added that China and Pakistan consider each other "all-weather friends" and have close diplomatic, economic and security ties. The effort by India to turn BRICS against Pakistan is India’s failure. Whatever happens in Kashmir Pakistan gets blamed for it but in India the freedom struggles in its different parts that are going, is that also to be blamed on Pakistan .The Indian government cannot handle the problems of its own people and start blaming Pakistan for any trouble thathappens there.

Pakistan army has rendered eternal sacrifices in war against terrorism. Since Operation Zarb-e Azab, there have been 19,000 operations throughout the country to fight terrorism. Our armed forces, intelligence agencies have played a crucial role in these achievements.Almost 18,000 innocent citizens and 5,000 officers and soldiers of the armed forces have laid their lives while over 48,000 Pakistanis have suffered serious injuries. While criticizing the reaction of the international community about world terrorism, Spokesman of the Pakistan Army Lt General Asim Saleem Bajwa has said the world should not suspect their intention in the war against terror as Pakistan had to bear billions of rupees losses along with sacrifices of thousands of people.

He expressed these views during an interview with a US broadcasting group on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of 9/11. He said that fingers should not be pointed at Pakistan’s determination in fight against terrorism and sacrifices rendered by the people of Pakistan in this regard should be remembered.He said Pakistan had been facing the worst kindof terrorism for 15 years and they had done more work than the rest of the world. Our armed forces are really being patient and tolerant towards the Indian army aggression, their focus is how to strengthen our forces and Gen Raheel Sharif is going to the posts at LOC himself and giving all the support and encouragement to them.

We can’t expect anything good from our neighbor. We should focus on how to strengthen our airforce command also. Pakistan has invited India so many times for bilateral talks but there has been no positive answer from their side. China and America has also asked India to talk on the issue of Kashmir but there is no effect so far on Narendra Modi. The United Nations should take steps to stop this Indian aggression in Kashmir as it has been highlighted before the international community so many times. A conference should be held on security situation in South Asia as it is for the peace and security of the whole world.

The true solution for this struggle for self-determination resides not in raining bullets upon the defenseless Kashmiri people but in heeding to their voice and respecting their aspirations. Kashmir issue can only be resolved by implementing the UN Resolutions. We need to convey our enemy that we stand united in any case against whoever has an evil eye for us.

(The author is Peshawar based freelance columnist)


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