Donald Trump's racist tendencies

(Naveed Ahmed, Karachi)

Donald Trump has been given and continues to be given hundreds of millions of dollars of free air time. He’s received many times more minutes than the other Republican candidates combined. He is, in effect, the creation of the media, and has become what is referred to as a demagogue. Below are some facts voters should know about this demagogue:

Yes, he is wealthy, but one would have to be incredibly stupid not to be if one inherited $200 million dollars 30-plus years ago.

He is said to be very smart, but I have yet to hear him articulate any position. As a matter of fact, I have yet to hear him speak proper English. He calls people childish names. I am guilty of the same, but the last time I did it, I think I was in the third or fourth grade.

At 70, his inflated ego and its incredible self-centeredness suggests a form of mental illness. He is the epitome of rudeness and vulgarity. Are these good qualities in a president? He cares more about Donald Trump than he does about the country.

Even if he was smart, he definitely isn’t wise. A wise man knows he is making a fool of himself when he acts like a child. And I don’t know about other Times readers, but I think the most important quality in any leader, especially in a president, is wisdom. He is not a wise person. He is a RACIST.

If he got elected as the president of United States of America, he is going to begin WORLD WAR III. He is the person who is taking the role of the HITLER. He will destroy United States and other countries. He only thinks about himself. Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again!” is an insult to “we the people” of the most exceptional country in the world. Mr. Trump, give us the date that America stopped being great. Is the idea of America as articulated by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address less valid today than yesterday? Don’t tell me my country isn’t great, Mr. Trump. Don’t tell my children and grandchildren that America is not the land of opportunity for all who strive to the best of their ability. I will tell you that for 240 years Americans have worked and sacrificed to create “a more perfect union.”


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