Enigma of Surgical Strike

(Rameez Ahmad Taquee, Delhi)

Today, the country India is suffering from a political disease. Media plays role of a dengue. BJP-the ruling party has been riding ever since they came into power. Humanity are being tattered. The good's prizes are going on. And communal violence are incited everywhere in the country. No politician pays attention towards it. PM Modi, had said:"I will do my job like 'chaokidar'", even he is not free from journey after journey. It seems above two years, but nothing has budged in the country. Now UP and Punjab elections near. BJP is in trouble. What to do, and what to not do. So with the support of this very media, it fabricated a plan to make Indian populace fool.

Two things are most important to persuade Indian people- communal violence and to bellow a war against Pakistan. The one who wants to stay in politics longer, he must has to apply these two master pieces. BJP, specially RSS are mastermind in this field. In addition to Kashmir, has been ever a disputed issue between India and Pakistan. Since last three months the Valley has been going through a severe wave of violence where more than 90 people have died and more than 6,000 injured after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani in an encounter on 8th July. In the wake of Wani's killing Uri attack took place, that left 18 soldiers dead. By that government did nothing. After eleven days on 29 September India’s director general of military operations Ranbir Singh, publicly announced in a sudden that Indian Army conducted a "Surgical Strike" against Pakistan last night. He said: Army received some specific and credible inputs that Infiltrators gathered at launch pads along the Line of Control, so just before crossing over to the Indian side under cover of Pakistani Army, the Indian army carried out surgical strikes at several of those launch pads to pre-emptive infiltration by terrorists.” Media fled it away in the air. Modi Ji became hero and BJP was praised from all the sides. On the other hand Pakistan denied this "Surgical attack" against it and said it "a lie". The Pakistani military man said in a statement:"The notion of surgical strike linked to alleged terrorists’ bases is an illusion being deliberately generated by India to create false effects." Yet UN Chief Ban Ki-moon denied the Army's operation and urges both sides to 'exercise maximum restraint' and take 'immediate steps to de-escalate the situation', while his spokesperson Stephane Dujarric said: “The UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) has not directly observed any firing across the Loc related to the latest incidents.” Then it became a globule issue. Lots of journalist and analysts from the whole world came in favor of Pakistan and gave India a lot of sticks. First of all Shawn Snow, a specialist in the political and military developments of Central and Southwest Asia' wrote in his article "Is India Capable of a Surgical Strike in Pakistan Controlled Kashmir?" of a Japanese magazine "The Diplomat" He analyzed this "operation" with all sides and inscribed that now India is not in a position to conduct such a surgical strike in Pakistan. Moreover he remarked on Indian Army power, cited Rostum I and Rostum II that could not provide India with an air platform capable of surgical strikes. He writes:" these platforms are still in development and Rostum II just began test trials this summer." He further notes: "India is still on the cusp of building a sophisticated and modernized a symmetrical capability to conduct counter terror operations, while much of its forces are still organized and trained on Cold War models. India’s drone development program is still in its infancy."

I oppose his comments on India's Army power, still question remains, that PM Modi had said clearly in public rally at Kozhikode in Kerala that we are not fond of a war in Pakistan, rather he advised Pakistani people to ask their government to development of the country. Then how did he plan to launch such a strike against it. Nobody is blind disciple (bhagt) of RSS in the world. It must has the proof. As far as this operation is concerned, everybody has question, even Delhi CM Arwind Kejriwal ask the proof to the government, though he appreciated the Army's efforts. And then Pakistan proves the evidence against the aerial attack before the nation. We must expedite in evidence to clear the issue. As an ex-Indian Army and Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore he himself told The Hindu that "There were no aerial strikes" and denied that any helicopters were used. He owned up that Indian Army just crossed Loc "on the ground" for carrying out "pre-emptive strikes." That is not like crossing the International Border. The targets were “launch pads”, which are temporary in nature." Pakistan itself accepted it too, as its Army man said in a statement: "There had been cross border fire initiated and conducted by India which is existential phenomenon." But BJP government stands by media does not seem to take back, until it would not win UP and Punjab assembly election.

Let's see here that what a magical attack is it? According to news agency ANI, Indian Army used Dhruv Advanced Light Helicopters to carry out aerial operation, but Mr. Rathore is denying. Moreover did you ever see the sound-proof helicopters? The Strike goes on from 12:30 am to 4:30 am. As per Army general information, Commandos attacked at least seven camps of terrorist, that left a number of 32-67-100 terrorist dead, as per different statics along with two Pakistani soldiers in Loc. The question is that always there would be a deep silence in Loc area, and under the surveillance of both countries army camps, but nobody watches the Indian army movement, even its helicopter voice! It is a miracle! There is also one interesting thing that in Pathankot 18 terrorists and now in this attack 32 to 100 terrorist were killed, but where are their bodies? Their soul goes up with their bodies as if by miracle, yet no body seen it! Again if 100 terrorist are being killed, absolutely other safe one would held a funeral prayer for them, in which thousands of people pray for them in a group and for the 100 zombies there must will be 100 graves along thousands of people in funeral prayer, but there was no any sign of graves and funeral prayer, silence four ways! Oh, I forgot this Surgical Strike was in silence. Let's go ahead. The government claimed that no Indian solder was injured, during the four hours operation. Now it may stuck in your mind, that terrorist always be with suicide bomb, so how they came and killed them, and bomb remained safe. Oh, sorry. It was in silent mood! Let's except it too. But how can we stop people in the whole world to keep silent and not to ask question against this army operation? Yet somebody would have to say it an act of 'infancy'? Because today, India is not only the world's radar and satellite system is so advanced. It save movement of any aircraft with time and images automatically in hard disk through the space radar system. If you have a clear proof, so please present it before the nation, not only give a statement. Because we cannot bear any more to be maligned my beloved country-India. They taunted our army capabilities. If you do not have their answers, so please turn off the organizations like ISRO(Indian Space Research Organization), which could not locate the movement of 29 aircraft forces and 15 military helicopters.

I am proud of my Army and Intelligence. They always make us to feel proud of being Indian. I regret to say that you only politician and blind bhagt of RSS, always maligned the country, that somebody points out his finger toward Army capability. It is not first time that Army conducted strike, perhaps six times in the regime of Dr. Manmohan Singh, an ex PM of India, but those were very quietly. Now you want to show your 56 inch breast, to viral such a false and open aerial attack.

In fact, the politicians are conspirators in the government. They always perpetrated a plan, which maligns India. It is their way to work at the time of election. They stand out in distraction of populace. They incited Godhra after Gujarat communal violence in 2002. Muzaffarnagar was an aftermath to win Lok Sabha election in 2014. For 2016 Bihar assembly election they killed "Akhlaq" brutally. Now UP and Punjab 2017 assembly elections near, this "Surgical strike" must be taken, otherwise people would isolate them. Once Maya Wati had said that Modi will lead the country in the battle field with Pakistan. People started laughing at her. When Pretty Gandhi ask Punjabies to vote for BJP, to teach Pakistan a lesson in future. It proves the reason of "Surgical strike" to be happened. Now the cat is out of the bag. People have right to chose their ways.

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