Bharat Should Learn Lesson From Near History

(sarwar, lahore)

Indian Foreign Minister Sashma Soraaj, during her address in the 71st annual session of the United Natios, once again claimed Kashmir as “Atoot Ang” of India, and advised Pakistan to forget about Freedom of Kashmiris. I would like to bring it to her notice that Freedom is an inalienable right of Kashmiris and cannot be denied because of many reasons, the prominent being: UN, Top leadership of India like Jawahar Lal Nehru, and many world leaders assured right of Self determination to Kashmiris; Jawahar Lal Nehru, through his speeches on All India Radio, promised grant of Plebescite to Kashmiris. Similar assurance was given by him through telegrams sent to Liaqat Ali Khan, then Prime Minister of Pakistan. Since 1947 the Kashmiris are being subjected to worst type of atrocities by Indian Army. No example of loss of human lives, agony, sufferings, and damage to property of such intensity can be traced out in the annals of history. Rather India has set another marvelous feat, loss of eyesight of young Kashmiris through pellet firing (banned under international law even on animals) directly in the eyes of the agitators, and breaking of fingers of the male residents of houses in front of which bricks/stones are found in streets/roads.

In fact it is not a matter of distant past that USSR, with all her might, entered Afghanistan on the plea that she had been invited by the Afghan rulers (Similar story was concocted by Bharat while entering her forces in Kashmir). Infact USSR thought that, after having established herself in Afghanistan and using it as jumping pad, would reach the Warm Waters – fulfillment of a long cherished wish. The Afghans, as has been happening in the past history, took to hills.

The Super Power, misled about her military might and the enormous size of the country, acted like a Pharoah while dealing with Afghanis. As a result 1.5m Afghanis embraced martyrdom whereas 3.5 m left their homes and took shelter as refugees in neighbouring countries. The maximum flex of refugees (3.0 m) came to Pakistan and till today they are staying in refugee camps since 1979. The number of wounded and those who lost their limbs and became invalid for whole of their lives runs in millions.

In the ensuing battles lasting for a decade or so, the USSR instead of making any adventure to reach Warm Waters, suffered heavily in men and material and eventually scummbed to the vital blows delivered by the Afghan Freedom Fighters. She had no option but to accept a disgracing withdrawal. The defeated military might of USSR could not stop slipping of many of her States out of her control. She lost on all fronts; military, political, economic and international. And above all she lost her entity as USSR - a name to be found now in history books only.

The Kashmiris determined to kick out the aggressor from their country, have no fear of death. They know that during the struggle for freedom, if they embrace Shahadat, they go to Paradise - the enternal abode with maximum and best award. They are also sure that many of their friends will tread the path set by them. And the continuity of the struggle will end up with end of the illegal occupation by the Occupant Army so famous for attrocities since 1947. No power on earth can deny the inalienable right of Freedom of Kashmiris. The Dawn of FREEDOM will dawn very soon. It is written on wall. The sooner we read it the better it will be.

This unique episode experienced by a Super Power can serve as an eye opener for India; the choice is ours either to end the illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir and consolidate only on home grounds or continue with atrocities, and like the former USSR, face disgracing withdrawal from Kashmir. India is already on the verge of disintegration- written on the wall. And the End is not far off. Nearly two dozen dissident movements in various parts of Bharat have shaken her existance as a State. It is a sincere advice that instead of yelling that Kashmir is "ATOOT ANG", better learn lesson from ex USSR, who too was arrogant.

I am sure many sane persons in India will soon realise that the promises made by Bharat should be fulfilled without any delay. Nations earn glory for upholding their commitments, promises and contracts. No sane Indian would like that India should go down in the pages of history as a liar, untrustworthy and unreliable country.

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