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Senator Pervez Rashid, after being relinquished from his duty as Information Minister, on his entry to the Senate hall was warmly welcomed by Raza Rabbani, the Chairman Senate and all the members of the Senate. He was given a standing ovation. The Chairman opined that Pervez Rashid was on “Haq” and that the House stood behind him. He futher said that no other institution except Senate can take any action against Pervez Rashid. He further reiterated that he will ask for the details and nature of the complaint against the Senator. The atmosphere prevailing in the Senate, the applause given to the Senator and the remarks of the Chairman Senate gave an impression as if Pervez Rashid had come back as victorious from a very difficult expedition winning great honour for the motherland. However, this all have left many questions in the mind of patriot Pakistanis. Let me recall from my memory:

“And then a very senior politician with a very bright career WEPT because he had to vote (For the first time ), as per Party (PPP) policy, which according to him was against his Conscience. Soon after he was rewarded for "Good Action" on his part. Thus he rose to a very high Position: A would be President (whenever Mamnoon Hussain is out of Pakistan). A few months later, while speaking at the Party meeting he spoke daringly /apparently against Corruption. However, if one reads in between the lines, he tried to protect his Party workers by criticizing actions taken against them! Alas! this time he did not shed tears (Even of Crocodile} He miss-used his authority by attending Party Meetings with the Protocol entitled to him as CHAIRMAN SENATE. Can he assure that after the above incident, he has never acted against his conscience and the “Half” he took as Chairman Senate”.

The Senaors and MNAs performance vis a viz heavy expenditure on esteemed institutions, is far below expectations. The record of attendance both in Senate and National Assembly and the time the Public representative spend in Assembly / Senate hall is worse than such record of students of an ordinary school in far flung area of Pakistan.

In most of the Talk shows and public addresses, we have to listen to, with the exception of a few, corrupt politicians giving philosophical solutions to the grave problems created by their own actions/failings and because of their highest degree of shortsight, immaturity, selfishness, preferring personal interests over national interests, nepotism, favoritism, lust for power, wealth and many other vices which straight away debar them from becoming our leaders. These politicians, instead of mending their own / party affairs are, most of the time, critical of their opponents. Instead of serving the masses and passing bills for betterment of the poor Pakistanis, they remain busy in finding ways and shortcuts to make the system ineffective to the extent that any effort to bring positive change or bring them under law, meets its Waterloo. They keep changing their political affiliations and are so expert that you can give them any ministry or make head of any institution.
These politicians claim to be expert in handling affairs of their portfolio to the entire satisfaction of their masters - an example: During Saad Rafique’s tenure of 3 years and 6 months, Pakistan Railways met 530 accidents. The Federal Minister for Railways instead of concentrating on his ministry, remains mostly busy in rebutting PTI. Similarly many ministers poke their nose in the affairs of other ministries and nobody minds it. The Federal Interior Minister, praised performance of FC and increased their pay. It is a financial matter. Was any provision kept in Annual Budget? He thinks he is above law. But look at his own efficiency: in 23 days he could not complete an inquiry of national importance and fix responsibility regarding Dawn leak. The Evasive attitude and delaying tactics are obvious. Majority of the politicians can talk about or deliver speech on any topic in any public Jalsa or party meetings but they never talk about enforcement of Islamic Order in Islami Jamhooria Pakistan!!.

Every second programme on various channels under the cover of commercial, social and other types of advertisements we see vulgarity, nudity, kicking/hitting one another, third rate dialogues, scenes/ideas which are anti Islam/Ideology of Pakistan. Dresses of anchor females and increased coverage of Fashion shows etc, are nothing but to ridicule Islamic teachings and values. It is a pity that no effective policy is followed by any institution, Govt, Parliament or Judiciary which should ensure effective ban on vulgar advertisement/dialogues, programs on print/electronic media, anti Islam/Pakistan thoughts, material, speeches and venomous speeches by the public representatives in the public or on Assembly floor against Armed Forces, Judiciary and even Ideology of Pakistan. Supreme Court of Pakistan’s order regarding implementation of Urdu has not been followed in letter and spirit. Has the esteemed Court asked the Rulers for their failure to implement the order?

We take pride in foreign language, culture, traditions, dresses and appearance. Not even single example can be quoted from Muslim history where a Ruler, a Qazi or head of an institution had pigtail. But in Pakistan we have such examples. Are we “Role Models for future generations of Islami Jamhooria Pakistan? Is there any sincere, patriot, up-right politician who thinks and acts only for Pakistan and is above party politics? Have we introduced any uniform dress policy to be followed in schools/colleges. “Tie” - A reminder of the Colonial rule, has become compulsory part of dress in all banks, offices and uniform in many educational institutions. A simle question: Does use of Tie enhance our efficiency? If yes, then what about people of Iran who don’t use “Tie” even while putting on Coat and trousers? We must be rational and national.

It is duty of every patriot Pakistani and especially the press and electronic media to expose such politicians who, despite holding very high positions, are bound by their party policy and can't act according to their conscience. Media should also keep an eye on teaching institutions - a grooming place for character, ideas and nationalist feelings in youth. In former East Pakistan we remained totally ignorant of the activities of Hindu teaching staff who kept poisoning minds of youth against Ideology of Pakistan, Two Nation Theory and former West Pakistanis. They achieved the objective - separation from Pakistan. If we critically examine the syllabi, the functions held / days observed and mindset of principals/heads/teaching staff of these institutions we will be astonished to note that in many institutions the anti Islam and anti Pakistan forces have made meaningful headway in the spread of liberalism, secularism and anti Isalam/Pakistan feelings. Certainly those responsible to look after the national policies kept sleeping. God forbid we are waiting for another separation on the lines of Bangla Desh!!

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