«Tiran and Sanafir»... Renouncement Of Sovereignty

(Mohamed Ismail Ahmed, Kungsör)

Tiran and Sanafir

The whole system suffers a state of lack of mental poise the closest to psychological disorders – and then daring to extremely absurd and indiscriminate actions, resembling the under-estimated sparks leading to major fires. The mental disorders are manifested as more irrational policies that distressed the greatest bulk of citizens, without any fears of people anger break-out, as if they were sure that people will never rise against them once again, and that the political elites consented to the small space left for them to play, for example in "Tiran" and "Sanafir" issue.

In that matter, a wide controversy over the sovereignty of Tiran and Sanafir islands is going on in Egypt, where the government of the “Republican” era has deliberately overlooked the law, the nationalization of the judiciary, and declared that authority- i.e. the executive branch or the government- is fully aware of the interests of the nation, and that “people” are minors and negligible, and boldly took over the right to speak in the name of all Egyptians, under a nice slogan called "sovereign acts”! So waiving the islands is one of the acts of “sovereignty”; overcoming the Judiciary and the parliament so that our homeland and its sovereignty are lost under the pretext of “acts of sovereignty” in an enviable manner of immorality. Everyone forgot that the people stopped this farce in January 25th revolution, and that such waiver of our homeland – described as “Sovereign decision” – is a clear violation of the last paragraph of Article 151 of the Constitution of 2014, the very same constitution the president and his government members swore to respect it and maintain the country's unity and territorial integrity when they assumed their posts.

Getting back to history, we’ll see that the Saudi state didn’t see the light before the thirties of the last century. However, the historical journey with the documents came to confirm the subordination of the two islands to Egypt since the dawn of history, which is proven by the researcher and activist “Takadom El-Khatib”, who published five historical maps obtained from “Berlin” library, dating back to different times, revealing the existence of the two islands inside the Egyptian borders for years BC, since the “Red Sea” – with all of the reunited islands – was the closest thing to a closed Egyptian lake, and ending with the neo-colonial division, which put new border schema to demonstrate “Hijaz” as a collection of mini-states and then as a single state. In all cases, until 1950, documents did not come mentioning the subordination of the two islands except for Egypt, and Egypt only.

The state of delirium is transmitted from the top of the authority way down to its arms including the parliament and media. You hear nonsense can only be issued by dangerous-situations detainees in mental hospitals! For example we find that the Egyptian government not only volunteered and dared to drop the nationality of the Egyptian islands, struggling to classify them as “Saudi’s” lands while Saudi Arabia is completely innocent; but further arrests anyone dares to say that Tiran and Sanafir islands are Egyptian.

Now, we passed the phase of “Despise the public” to the desire to “Replace and exterminate the public”, as with the breadth of public anger space and the protests against economic and social policies; the regime sees these masses as a group of enemies and villain conspirators with his own delusions of being successful – even genius – achieving a lot within days that the predecessors and even the successors wouldn’t accomplish. This erosion of the Egyptian regime's mind may lead to dark destinations much worse than ever imagined.


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