A Year Over The Massacre

(Mohamed Ismail Ahmed, Kungsör)

By the first anniversary of this tragic massacre, the organization released its final report after a whole year of investigations, which came to confirm the size of serious violations committed by the coup authorities against the protesters in Rabi’a square. The report confirmed that both police and armed forces had used “Systematic and Deliberate” excessive lethal force, which led to the massive killing of protesters on a large scale in an unprecedented way in Egypt. The report also mentioned names of the officials involved, and considered what happened there “A Crime Against Humanity” that calls for an international investigation.

It should be noted that “Human Rights Watch” is a non-governmental human rights organization that is known by independence and credibility around the world. Therefore, its report on Rabi’a holocaust came to reveal the size of the crime, and identifies the most prominent of those officials responsible for its execution. The executive director of “Human Rights Watch”; Kenneth Roth, stated that “Rabi’a square events represent the largest killing process of protesters in one day in the modern history. We were not only facing a state of excessive use of force rather than a violent repression that was planned at the highest levels by the Egyptian government, of which many officials are still in authority and have a lot of questions to answer”.

Therefore, the organization called for an investigation with persons and senior officials in the authority of the coup; in the forefront, the former Minister of Defense and the current President “Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi”, the former Interior Minister “Mohammed Ibrahim”, as directly responsible for taking the deadly force decision, and here’s the question “will they be summoned before the international courts?

If the reports issued by Arab and international media have documented; by sound and image, the ugliness of the crime committed in Egypt in the course of the sit in field operation, showing scenes of charred bodies inside and around Rabi’a mosque; did not agitate the so-called “Free World’ “ conscience in order to fulfill its moral duty in line with his humanitarian principles and slogans, demanding the international organizations – particularly the Security Council – to act quickly by referring the issue to international justice. Therefore, “Human Rights Watch” prompt to prosecute the responsible master minds and executive authorities of Rabi’a incinerator is unlikely to receive a response, because the coup-supportive regional and international countries, led by the Zionist entity; will stand in the face of any legal action that would subject the coup leaders to prosecution in the international courts. Not to mention that Egypt has not ratified the charter of the International Criminal Court; this undermines the court’s jurisdiction to consider Rabi’a square Holocaust.

However, this report will remain a solid legal document that condemns the coup regime and holds it the criminal and political responsibilities for Rabi’a incinerator. It can be used in the future to sue the coup leaders in the international court or in front of Egyptian courts after the fall the coup. In addition, this report clarifies the confusion and uncertainty of many realities and facts stated in the witnesses’ testimonies that have been denied by the coup regime, seeking to erase them to elude its direct responsibility.

Rabi’a square events will remain a traumatic memory in whichever records; Egyptian and Arab, and will be a stigma on the forehead of general humanity and Western countries that have allowed for a military coup and the usurpation of power, turning a blind eye to the massacres committed since the coup commenced to the present day without taking a powerful human and political stand consistent with their principles and values.

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