A Mandate To Kill

(Mohamed Ismail Ahmed, Kungsör)

Words uttered by Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ten months ago, in a speech that called Egyptians to demonstrate in the streets demanding him to eliminate” potential terrorism”. His great pretext that the “Muslim Brotherhood" sit-ins in Rabi’a and Al-Nahda squares in Cairo are hotbeds of terrorism, “he said”; there is no alternative of getting rid of them!

From that day on, a series of massacres everywhere in Egypt began; forcibly strewing of sit-ins and demonstrations with mass arrests of the “Brotherhood” members and their families, not to mention the genocide process of Sinai Bedouins to “eliminate terrorism” and shutting off a series of “Brotherhood” TV channels claiming that they disseminate sedition and inciting violence. In addition to all that, the security elements heavily broke into universities exposing male and female students in the campus to all forms of violence, targeted the activists and pursued them militarily and morally by massive misinformation campaigns against all of those related to January 25th revolution.

All that suppression and more was greatly manifested since “Al-Sisi” got the people’s mandate “to eliminate the potential terrorism”. Finally, there was the massive campaign “YES to the Constitution to eliminate terror- ism”, in which all members of Hosni Mubarak’ regime participated and anyone promoted the “NO” was arrested; claiming that it supports terrorism!

In spite of my personal disagreements with the “Muslim Brotherhood’” system and policies, and although I am not one of those who commissioned “Al-Sisi”; I must ask this question: Did Al-Sisi succeed- after all this- to eradicate the terrorism? Or at least anticipate it since it’s considered a “potential”? I leave the answer to you – dear reader – as I don’t have much space to list all of the terrorist acts occurred since that time.

The most important question remains: Despite the fact that all of the “Brotherhood” leaders are detained in prisons, the sit-ins said to be “hotbeds of terrorism” were dispersed, then….Who are the perpetrators of these terrorist acts? If the apparent justifications that “Ansar Bait al-Maqdis” group claimed responsibility after each terrorist act, why didn’t we hear about arresting anyone of them? If Egypt borders are “outlets” of terrorism as they say, why “Al-Sisi” is not prosecuted for his failure to secure the borders? What did Al-Sisi do to be the “Savior”? What did he do to continue his ridiculous drama under the pretext of eliminating terrorism? Why the silence about what he did to all of his opponents, while leaving all people carrying and trading arms tampering with Egypt’s security?

There is no sane person can deny the existence of terrorism in Egypt, but the real terrorist is the one who murdered, arrested, distorted and criminalized all of his opponents, controlled all the state systems in his favor. A real terrorist is the one who inflamed passions between the people parties using his media; the one who celebrates the murder of humanity in his country. If we are talking about Egypt, we will not reach the stability without achieving justice and respect for the humanity.

I believe that the right will triumph in the end, no matter how wrong-doers exceeded term. I believe that the revolution will triumph soon, and it remains the voice chanting “Freedom to live … social justice…human dignity.”

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