Unite & Fight To Free Pakistan From Dajjal System

(Javed Zaheer, Toronto)

Out of the frying pan into the fire. Yes this is what happened to those who sacrificed everything to create Pakistan and decided to move and live there.

It was not because they disliked or hated Hindus, Sikhs or people of any other beliefs but it was because those Hindus who were shrewd, cunning, cruel, extremely dangerous extremists, fundamentalists and terrorists.

Hindu leaders and people being in majority had made their lives miserable. Such type of Hindus

were and even today are living with a dream of `Akhand Bharat’ or Greater India and want to turn forcibly people of all other beliefs into Hindus.

This resulted in hatred on both sides and bloody clashes in which hundreds of thousands of innocent and helpless people were mercilessly and brutally massacred. Even the innocent, naïve and good Hindus were not spared by them.

Since 1947 they kept bullying with everyone.

Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi is one such shrewd, cunning and dangerous Hindu leader and ruler who proudly told the journalists when asked about Pakistan: “I will teach them a good lesson. I will do what I did in Gujarat.” He was referring to the planned, merciless mass killing of thousands of Muslims in Gujarat and the destruction caused. One can imagine the filthy thinking and extremely negative and deadly intention and approach of such Hindu leader who is unfortunately also the Prime Minister of India. Even now and then he keeps threatening Pakistan. Lately China had warned India not to even think of harming Pakistan otherwise the Chinese army and air force would turn the Indian cities into rubble. After CPEC and huge investment for development in Pakistan China was compelled to take such step.

Yes, those who moved to Pakistan in 1947 and after were extremely happy that God had blessed them with a divine gift in the shape of Pakistan. Their intention, heart and mind were pure and clean and filled with love for Pakistan and for all those living there.

They were so much excited that they could not sense and judge what was in store for them and their coming generations. They could not see the danger looming over their head. All they knew was to start a new life from scratch and work extremely hard to settle with recognition, respect and dignity.

They wanted to make Pakistan a welfare and Islamic state and Fortress of Islam in the real sense where people of all races, colour, creed and religions could live peacefully with love for each other and the spirit to live and work together in the best interest of the nation and people. This is what I was told and taught in my childhood by my parents and all elders. Such was their love for Pakistan and all Pakistanis.

On the other hand, while the people were celebrating the creation of Pakistan, the enemies of Pakistan were busy in hatching a conspiracy to take control of Pakistan. This was a lobby which acted as loyalist and supported the colonialist. They wanted to protect and promote the vested interests of the colonialist in the South Asia region. They never supported Jinnah and were deadly against creation of Pakistan. When Pakistan was turning into reality, they changed colour like the reptile and started supporting Jinnah and the struggle of Pakistan. In reality it was their sinister move and Jinnah sensed it and even told the leaders and people that such elements have penetrated to take advantage and have their control on Pakistan.

Unfortunately, this is what actually happened. The dreams of the people were badly shattered. Pakistan could neither become an Islamic state nor welfare state in reality. The lobby used the name of Islam and Pakistan cunningly to protect their vested interests and to fool the Pakistanis and the world.

I would call this lobby the Dajjal Lobby (Anti-Christ Lobby or the 666-Beast Lobby). These Dajjals are the advance party of the most dreaded and feared Dajjal (Anti-Christ). The naïve and innocent people are just talking about and predicting the coming of the Dajjal without realizing that the advance party of the Dajjal has already begun its work since long.

After World War Two and the Cold War, the New World Order: One Economy, One World and One Religion was announced. The only obstacle and hurdle in implementation of the NWO was Islam and Muslims. Pakistan being the biggest and most powerful Muslim nation became the first priority target. The duty of the advance party of the Dajjal was to make sure that Pakistan remained in crises. This was only possible with implementation of the Dajjal System.

Through the Dajjal System, the Dajjals cunningly promoted corruption at all levels in order to corrupt people at family and society level and corrupt officials running the institutions. The objective was to destroy the institutions and all the working mainstream system so that only the Dajjal System could be implemented at all levels: family, society and main stream. Unfortunately, now without bribe one cannot get the work done. Bribe and corruption has become a fashion and part of life of most of the people.

Dajjals in army, Rangers and police uniforms are involved in the worst form of corruption, crimes and cruelties. The police system is the worst affected. They are headquarters of the Dajjal System. Thieves, thugs, robbers, criminals, killers, terrorists easily join the police force, wear the uniform and make the lives of people hell and miserable. The honest police officers watch helplessly. If given power to perform their duties properly they could control crimes effectively. Again the corrupt Dajjal System is a big hurdle and obstacle in their way.

Pakistan came into being on August 14, 1947. The first victim of the Dajjals or cold-blooded and cruel human beast was none other than the Founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah himself. The murder was planned and executed very cunningly. First they killed him and then declared him a hero and started shedding crocodile tears to fool the people.

Slowly and cunningly, the Dajjals started removing all those who could stand in their way and cause problem for them. Their second important victim was none other than the right hand of Jinnah and the first prime minister of Pakistan---Liaquat Ali Khan---who was assassinated in 1952 in Rawalpindi. He was given the title Quaid-e-Millat (Leader of the nation). His tremendous role and contribution in making of Pakistan was the most after Jinnah. He was undoubtedly a very powerful and patriotic leader. The Dajjals could not face or challenge him so the only option was to remove him from the scene.

The Dajjals third victim was none other than Fatima Jinnah, the sister of Jinnah, who was also known as Madar-e-Millat (Mother of the nation). She was a frail lady but very strong from inside. She was contesting election against the powerful Field Marshal Muhammad Ayub Khan, who was the president of Pakistan.

Because the Pakistanis were madly in love with Fatima Jinnah and fully supported her so her victory was seen as certain. This was a big and sharp thorn in the eye of the Dajjals and a big hurdle and obstacle. They struck cunningly and one day Fatima Jinnah was found dead in her bed room. President Ayub Khan then easily won the election.

The son of President Ayub Khan, Capt Gauhar Ayub, who later became Speaker of the National Assembly, with support of the government mercilessly killed hundreds of innocent and helpless people of Karachi, the city from where Fatima Jinnah was contesting the election. These people were all supporters of Fatima Jinnah. Such was the nature and character of the Dajjals. Since then onwards Karachi remained a centre of bloody violence in which hundreds were mercilessly killed. Almost every ruler target and turned Karachi into hell. Every time the people of Karachi responded bravely and faced all challenges courageously.

The Dajjals were cunningly using leaders, technocrats and bureaucrats of their choice. It was a well-planned and played sinister game. The invisible hands were guiding their moves. After departure of the colonialists, the capitalist powers became their main supporter and lifeline. The United States and allies pumped millions in order to make the Dajjals powerful and successful so that they could promote their vested interests in the region.

Since 1947 Pakistan is still in their strong grip. Only recently Pakistan has started getting out of the grip by coming closer to China and Russia both of them being close neighbours. CPEC has cemented a strong ties.

After removing Fatima Jinnah from the scene in the 1960s, the Dajjals found Bengalis as another hurdle and obstacle in their way. The Bengalis were very intelligent, bold and brave people. Their role and contribution in making of Pakistan was tremendous. The Dajjals could not face, snub or crush them. Through conspiracy and in collaboration with India they removed east Pakistan from the map of Pakistan. They compelled the Bengalis to making Bangladesh. Thousands were mercilessly killed. The Dajjal Generals were responsible for the insult and humiliation faced by the reputed, brave and proud Pakistan Army. Except retirement, none of the generals and traitors were awarded deserving punishment.

The Bengalis have realized since long that the cunning, cruel, corrupt and characterless Dajjals were the ones were players and part of the conspiracy to separated east Pakistan from Pakistan.

Even today the Bengalis like, love and respect Pakistan and Pakistanis very much and are ready to sacrifice their lives and everything for Pakistan. Such is their spirit and character. They are very intelligent people. Unfortunately, the Dajjals in Bangladesh are very powerful and have made them the slaves of India. The Dajjals are punishing and killing all those who liked, loved and supported Pakistan.

The Dajjals have succeeded in casing tremendous harm to the country and people. People have been corrupted and institutions destroyed. Criminals are roaming and committing heinous crimes freely and openly. Even if they are caught they enjoy best treatment and facilities in prison.

The Dajjals are cunningly feeding people rats, dogs, pigs, dead animals and all the seriously harmful items and chemicals. Because of this people are falling seriously sick and dying in hundreds.

The question is how long will all this continue. When will the good and honest generals, politicians, leaders and people act to save the country. Why are they helplessly watching and keep saluting, supporting and protecting the Dajjals.

Pakistan Army is one of the best in the world. If it remains helpless then who is going to protect and save Pakistan. They remained helpless in the past and the country was divided. What are waiting for Now? The helplessness of the good and honest generals, leaders and people will certainly prove costly for the country.

Since the creation of Pakistan was the result of Divine Mission therefore Allah will always be there to protect it but since people too have been gripped and corrupted by the Dajjal System therefore they are facing punishment from Allah (God). They must reform themselves, stand up and face the challenges to get rid of the Dajjals and their corrupt system.

Because of the Dajjals brain drain took place. Thousands of genius, intelligent, good and honest Pakistanis fled the country. They are all prepared to return and serve Pakistan if good rulers get power and implement good system.

Don’t forget that God is with us. So let’s unite to fight against the Dajjals and their system. Once again Pakistan needs tremendous sacrifice. The Dajjals could only be removed through bloody revolution because they are extremely powerful and enjoy the full support of the international conspirators. Since China and Russia too are greatly supporting Pakistan, we must take full advantage of this opportunity. They are all blessings in disguise. May God help, save and protect Pakistan and Pakistanis from all evils and particularly the human beasts (666) Dajjals.

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