Violent Protest - Blockage of Roads

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

The protest is the right of human beings, but it is not their right to create severe problem and give mental torture to other members of the human species by way of blockage of roads and sit-ins. In this context, the people of Pakistan are badly affected and are hurt as long since they are facing mental torture of this kind of uncivilized protest. The blockage and sit-ins are an uncivilized way of protest, which must be avoided.

It has been established that due to blockage and sit-ins millions and millions people are badly affected by way of reaching their work places and back to home. Patients and ambulances are confined and sometimes death of a patient is happened to occur due to blockage of roads. The responsible people of the protest and sit-ins must be reprimanded over the death in the Doomsday. Also, it deprives livelihood of daily wagers, especially labor class masses. It is absolutely correct that imprecations emerge from million hearts against those who organize these kinds of protest.

The protest that is conducted on roads, majority times convert into violent protest caused of casualties and loss of property as well as loss of economy and employment. Terrorists are usually in search of this kind of protest as due to violent protest, they get opportunity to plant bombs to kill the hundreds of innocent people. All political parties and civil organizations are requested to avoid this kind of protest to save the people from mental torture. They can conduct their protests in a civilized way and in such a way that people are not affected as well as traffic flow is continued in its full swing as slightly stagnant of the traffic breaks the hearts of the people. Connect hearts, not break the hearts.

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