Trump An Up-coming Most Unpopular President

(sarwar, Lahore)

Trump An Up-coming Most Unpopular President

I congratulate Americans for electing Doanald Trump as their President for next four years. The Presidential system of government has efficiently worked since 1789. The Super Power has been claiming to be Champion of Democracy, Guardian of Human Rights and Protector of Elected Governments on the Globe. However, at many occasions and in various countries, she has been supporting Kingship, Military Take-overs and Governments coming out of Fraudulant elections as well. US have also been advocate of and upholding “Equality of human rights” regardless of colour, creed and religion. But her record in this respect has not been exemplary.

The increased hate crimes against the minoritories especially the Muslims living in US, since Trump’s victoy, are clearcut indicators that biased and immature American youth will get encouraged to resort to such practices. Thus the Minorities will face tough time in years to come. Certain under currents like increased unemployment among the Blacks, strict measures to fixup the immigrants and alleged involvement of Russians in manipulating with election results have up-set many Americans. Trump refused to accept advice of sane Americans. It is strange that Trump has crossed the Level of Unpopularity within a few weeks, what other Unpopular Presidents took years to acquire.

Trump is determined to go against many of the policies set by out going President Barak Obama both for national and international affairs “in the best interest of US.” The alleged hacking of the election results by Russia has provided an opportunity to the citics to doubt hidden links of Trumpt with Putin. This has also left a big stigma on the reliability of the security system of the Compilation of election results.

The suspension of of entry rights into America even of holders of Green Cards only of Muslims from 7 Muslim majority countries has brought Trump under serious criticism both at home and abroad. But Trump is adamant not to withdraw the notification. Moreover he has ordered construction of wall along Mexian border. It is in fact, an indirect acknowledgment by Trump that US border security forces/mechanism have miserably failed to stop alleged illegal entry of the Mexians and other neighbouring countries in the south. Instead of removing lecunas in the system, a very heavy unproductive project is being undertaken. The said wall is need of US but it is strange that Trump is pressurizing Mexico to bear 50% of its cost, failing which she will face attack by US. He has also annoyed Australian Prime Minister. “New Restrictions” have been imposed on Iran. China has also been threatened over issue of South China Sea. Germany and Uk have reservations regarding Trump's immigrant policy. The bigotry attitude of President, it is feared, may put US in difficult situation and threaten the world peace. Trump is also not happy with Media persons. The decision of Federal Court, against Trump’s Notification, is termed as “Riduculous” by President Trump. Presently Israel is the only country showing joy over Trumpt’s take over as President US.

Hopefully American Congress is also wathing the whole scenario seriously. Various segments of US society have started realizing that rise of a stubborn person with an average commonsense to such a high post will ruin image of Americans, as an intelligent and capable of leading the world. He will take the Super Power to a position not retrievable easily.

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