The Black Sheep's of FATA

(Dr. Irfan Khan Wazir, North Waziristan Agency)

Nowadays reforms in Federally Administrative Tribal Areas of Pakistan (FATA) is the front hotline for stakeholders of the state including Media, NGO's, Political parties, activists & FATA local leaders. Different seminars & settings are arranged on the name of rights & reforms with free refreshment, photo sessions, free pick & drop facilities. The result of each is same as criticism over each other and political scoring. We the tribals hearing them like deaf and blinds with jerking heads. The brain of young generation is being washed with only slogan of GO FCR GO while on other side they are totally confused when ask them about payment of utility bills like electricity, taxes etc and adjustment to courts, police etc in case of FATA became part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). All the political parties especially ANP who claims that if FATA merged with KPK this will become the second biggest province of state and will snatched their rights from Punjab & so on while they forget the government of pakhtuns can come through more seats nor strength. We the tribals do blind trust on them as we done since 1947. Maliks were the kings of tribal belt before the announcement of adult franchise in1996 because they were the only one to caste their vote for selection of Member National Assembly (MNA) but after 1996 situation change. Well known elders of FATA were aassessnated by militants. After 1996 the advantage of adult franchise was mostly taken by mullahs who were getting votes on name of religion.The most interesting thing is now the experiments of self FATA 2-3 selected not elected MNA's by introducing Rawaj Act almost same to Frontir Crime Regulations (FCR) & conversion of FATA to Provincially Administrative Tribal Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (PATA) but they didn't voiced for separate province or council even that was also option in suggested reforms.
1:They didn't voice for separate province because they didn't know that annual ADP of FATA is 2100000000 while the revenue of one Khyber pass is Minimum 4200000000 per year with out other exits checkpoints present at the border of each area of FATA with out only orakzai agency.
2: They didn't voice because of separate province FATA will get more then 50 MPA's, More then 24 senators and MNA's.
3: They didn't voiced because they know in separate province FATA will have own public service commission etc and the youth will get more employment as know they fighting for one seat through FATA through one zone and most important they will free from the City of settled area Bureaucrats - The FATA Secretariat.
4: They didn't voice for separate province because they know that most part of revenue of the dams like Warsak dam etc, royalty of the oil & gas, mines and minerals will go to FATA own province.
5: They didn't voiced because they didn't know that routs like CPEC will pass through FATA that will connected FATA with Kabul, Mosque, Doshanbay and Tashkand even if diverted any were but it will pass through FATA.
6: They didn't voiced because they didn't know instead of unsuccessful requests for increasing NFC award from 3-6 % they their self will get 6-8% with out any request.

Its the time know importance of tribal belt and voiced for separate province otherwise the members who struggling for FATA to be PATA of KpK are only interested in their seats & some development packages nothing else. They will foolish FATA people once again and will give FATA some thing new by name only - The Rawaj Act almost same to FCR and merger with KPK just by name that will having 5-10 implementation phases that will remain so after 2018 election.

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