Samiullah Khan Mohmand views on FATA-KPK merging

(Samiullah Khan Mohmand, Islamabad)

Samiullah Khan Mohmand views on FATA-KPK merging

Some Political parties just want to merge FATA with KPK just to have MPA's in provincial assembly, they will not develop these areas ever and we will be treated as South Punjab,,, whole funds will be transferred to Peshawar,Mardan etc. Even now our condition is better, then it will be after merger......There should be some amendments in Article 247 and some relaxations should be given to FATA. After merging,we will also loose the quota seats for CSS,Medical and Engineering. KPK government is not that much credible. Malakaan(Tribal Elders) will loose their capability.

We are happy in the system we are now having it, just we need is:
- Proper check on the development projects in FATA.
- Budget increase
- Education Reforms
- Amendment in Article 247, so that our MNA's can have some capability in National Assembly
- Quota increment in CSS,PMS and Medical/Engineering Universities
- Amount and number of Scholarships

These all can be achieved by having FCR, and it can be achievable if we stand against these points.

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آپ کی رائے
Best written, Agree with you
By: Mohmand, Mohmand Agency on Feb, 11 2017
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