The Joys of Idleness

(Kashif Ali Baloch, Karachi)

The secret of complete freedom, from stress and nervousness, lies in doing nothing; work is the wellspring of almost all the hopelessness on the planet. Any evil you would come to name comes from working or from living in a world designed for work.

Sipping the hot tea mug, while lazily sitting beside the window of your room and enjoying the rich scent of tea, is a moment that automatically stimulates the thought process. Thought process opens up the knot of exploration; exploring our self, thinking about some of our favorite art, book or an activity that we have admired the most in the past, initiates the process of realization. Realization brings to our mind the problems or talents lying in our subconscious or which we have been forgotten since long. We may come to know about some past problem and process of realization may provide us with a solution as Archimedes was provided with the solution of his problem when he was taking a respite sitting in the tub of pleasantly warm water. Exploring ourselves can reveal some novel ideas of writing on any social or literary issues; the novel and productive ideas of Democritus, Bertrand Russell, or Shelly would not have come to light if they had no idleness for pondering over their ideas. It does not mean not even lifting a finger, or refusal of jobs, but it means work for dignity, self-pleasure and mutual happiness, and not for slavery or self-denial. Innovation and creativity in society demands a steady relationship between useful work and productive idleness, without it life becomes dull.

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