Justice delayed is justice denied

(Usman, Lahore)

Politician always have hundred of cases pending in courts does not have even a minor effect on their life.

But Panama case was a bit different and the reason behind this was the strong opposition of major political parties such as PTI.The case gained the attention of public when it was taken to supreme court because it is considered as one of the most honorable institution in the country and due to their bold decisions they made a way in the hearts of people.

There are many turning points during the proceedings of the case including the retirement of Chief Justice but finally date was announced. As expected people have lots of hope from Supreme Court.Every one was expecting the decision to be in the favor of Government( Nawaz sharif) ot Opposition (Imran khan).Its not easy to give any verdict for any judge when they have to decide about the fate of sitting Prime Minister. Supreme court took a very different stance in this case which eas not expected by either side.

Instead of giving a decision in case of any party, Court ordered for JIT
In this case which apparently does not look like a decision but further extension. In the current situation it may be considered as good decison to keep both the parties down and giving them a way to defend their case. But it cannot be considered as a decision because Court should decide the case not to extend it further.

The other problem is the JIT as ordered by honorable Supreme court but most of people does not have much hope from this team because of lack honesty, justice and purity in the institution. It seems right because how can we expect a decision from JIT that is working under the same government, administration and Prime minister.So expecting the justice from JIT looks bit strange and such thing never happened in our history.

So Panama Case is actually not solved as it should be, because justice should not be delayed and if its delayed its actually denied.

On the other hand both parties are celebrating this decision and distributing the sweets among their followers and in their regions which is a good tactic to keep the people attracted toward their point but actually both of them knows it very well that their is nothing to celebrate in this.

The decision actually disappointed the common people who does not know about the investigation team or anything like that and they think that Government have won the the case. The other reason is many of people don't believe in the investigation teams because its actually a trend in the country to make an investigation team to deal with every problem and this is a way to keep the public calm and divert their attention. However upper class of country is still interested in the case and they want a decision in the favor of either party. So we all we can do is "Hope" that there should be a decision of justice which is in the favor of the people of country but in present scenario, it looks like JUSTICE IS DENIED

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