No Corruption Is The Need of An Hour

(Hasan daim Abbasi, Karachi)

The world corruption can be defined as a fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. In fact it is the second genuine reason of poverty and employment. Poverty is basically a derivative of corruption may be both are twins. If you want to make a nation prosperous make it corruption free. On the contrary if you want to make society impecunious let it involve in promoting the culture of nepotism. Let we take the example of Russia. It was the one in all where every ones meets standard education, zero employment and zero injustice in all sectors. No one could find even a single beggar in Russia at that time. But gradually allied class of the path of nepotism and followed the corruption that led the Russian Nation for away from the development and prosperity. According to a survey report 700 primary and secondary schools were chocked off in the year 2013. Have a look at our dear homeland Pakistan it is at 61 in the most corrupt countries of the world. It is a country where the rural classes like Prime Minister, parliamentarians, Chief Ministers and Governors are always under a change of certain scandals like the Panama gate case on Nawaz Sharif, Swiss bank accounts and Hajj scheme in 2010 and many more on the ppp official.

The malady of corruption does not remains up to the high officials only but the employees of the lower offices also must of this slackness, put the country into the dark phases. Now it is the need of an hour to make the country corruption free like China. China has decided to make itself a transparent and corruption less country 20 years ago kill a person on the penalty of corruption was decided. Here are some examples: vice admiral Weng Xoi was caught by a police raid along with 20 million dollar was hanged.

Also there were charges of corruption was leveled on the 7 lack member, of the communist party out of them 1.5 lack people were provided to be corrupt, they all were fired from the political arena, out of them 1 lack were punished as well.

In short we can say that corruption is a widespread issue in almost every part of our country. We must need to strengthen and gives full command to our accountabilities centers. Any political or militant influence in these bearues must be stopped. Actually it is up to ourselves that as a nation what we want to do? We make ourselves like Chinese or the Russian.

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