Accountability, Developed Countries and Extremism

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


To put a nation on a development track is not an easy task. It requires planning, labor, time and money above all a sincere and dynamic leadership. The nations who waste their time and money are lagged behind and become skewed. Time and money are valuable things and should not be wasted in non-result-oriented matter. Accountability is a common phenomenon typically prevails in backward and underdeveloped countries, spoiling their time and money without giving any fruitful result on account of biased accountability and injustice.

Accountability is not an easy task. If anyone analyzes the political system of underdeveloped countries, it emerges that they have not been in a position to undergo a fair and transparent accountability. Under political scenario, accountability means to terrify political opponents so that they could not open their lips against the authorities as they usually get the loyalty of their opponents to run the functions smoothly and long lasting. They spend millions and millions of amounts in hopeless and partial accountability, putting their people into dismay. Although accountability has not been successful in backward and underdeveloped countries, yet each leadership when comes into power stresses upon accountability.

It is true that developed countries have not fulfilled responsibilities by putting their influence on backward and underdeveloped countries to exercise impartial accountability. In this context, they are equally responsible for biased accountability of unprivileged countries as they provide all kinds of supports to them in their role. Moreover, they have not launched any outreach economic reforms for alleviating their poverty. Consequently, according to the law of nature impact of poverty and biased accountability is confining the developed countries on account of which they are facing untoward incidents in their countries too because if one does not care to others, he cannot be cared of. If restlessness continues in one part of the world, perfect tranquility cannot prevail on the other part of the world. The developed countries will have to pay their share in improving the standard of living of backward and underdeveloped countries to facilitate themselves; otherwise they will have to remain ready to face inconveniences. One major cause of extremism in the world is unbalanced economic condition between developed and backward countries. If the disparity in the economy is not addressed along with education, extremism will further grow hitting the world peace.

Finally, the backward and underdeveloped countries are advised to set aside the unproductive accountability - not waste time and money over it. All their political forces sit together and formulate a strong and multi-pronged political and economic system and implement it into the country robustly. When political and economic system is strong accountability would become autonomous.

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