Political interference

(Qaisar Dar, )

((Syeda umm-e- Rubab Naqvi)
Political interference in every department is a pathetic sight. Politicians interrupt in our judiciary ,bureaucracy and even in our educational system .Unwanted political interference to protect fellow politicians from punishment of their misdemeanor. Political class needed some form of oversight to fulfill their poll promises as they are held accountable by electorates in elections on their performance.  political oversight is required to ensure discipline, sensitiveness towards concerns of electorates, securing efficiency and citizen centric governance .But these provisions often serve as an excuse to control bureaucracy  for promoting group interest suitable in First Pass to Poll system and vote bank politics. The administration of any democratic country is analogous to a ‘ship’. The owner of the ship is its people, the captain is the representatives chosen by people and the sailors are the ones who help the captain in taking the ship to its destination and he is called bureaucrat or administrator. No doubt they are interconnected witch each other and coordination is necessary for them but too much interference with one another matters can destroyed the ship. A principle approach must be taken with regard to the manifold problems. If an institution responsible for adjudicating allegations of the most serious crimes, serious violations of international humanitarian law — is subject without doubt to governmental interference. Fair trial rights cannot be guaranteed in its proceedings ,  any decision in any case which has political implications for the ruling government would likely to be subject to political interference.

 Where such interference manifests itself in judicial decisions which lack legal basis and appear to be written to force particular outcomes, . Some Judges or politicians make decisions based on what gains it brings them. Judges should not be thinking about what promotions or perks they may lose while dispensing justice ….. Judges must adopt a middle path, things like perks and promotions should not be considerations for Judges when they are delivering verdicts intimidation or corruption of the judiciary with the lure of promotions or personal gain, in whatever form should never be resorted to by people in power lest they be discarded by their own people  Ireland's   Minister for Justice Alan Shatter said It could do “great damage” to the State internationally if a message was given out that there was “ any political interference in the determination of court proceedings but we people have no care about our system or state integrity. ‘political intervention from all levels is all pervasive not only in selecting location of institutions ,approval of grant-in-status, selection of examination centers but also in all senior appointments VC to universities and College Principals to District Edu.Officers’. .Political interference in appointments ,transfers and other fields in the education sector certainly retards the academic growth of academic institutions, especially, universities and higher institutions of learning, whose main objective should be the creation and dissemination of knowledge and not just to prepare students to get through the exams. In such a scenario, the most deserving ,efficient, honest and meritorious officers are ignored and undeserving people given the key posts which adversely affects the quality of education.

people were given appointment on public sector boards not for integrity but as a reward for political patronage. the culture of corporate governance was a major determinant of the progress of a country since it determined the quality of the production and delivery of good s, shaped investor confidence and attractiveness of the country. Political interference in the business affairs of foreign persons or companies doing business in a particular country. Public projects are often left uncompleted or delivered to a poor quality Failure to deliver these projects undermines citizen welfare and leads to an estimated loss of US$150 billion per year in public resources. The extent of these failures varies within and across countries, driving national and global inequalities. Government should take serious steps to stop the political interruption in the systems. Legislatures and other law making bodies can play impotent role. Political interference can also be eradicated by supporting merit , promoting youth new talent and unbiased culture.

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