A precious mother

(Hafsa Khalid, Lahore)

Allah blessed human beings with many relations in this world such husband-wife relationship, mother-father relationship, brother-sister relationship etc. but no relation is as special than the relationship with mother. If Allah hasn’t created a mother you won’t be breathing right now.

A mother loves each child equally. She knows what they need and can judge everything just by seeing in their eyes. Mother’s love is special and more precious than diamond and pearls not only because she has given us birth but because she has carried us in her belly for nine months and suffered the pain all alone. She sacrifices her sleep so that her child could sleep peacefully.

A mother is the emotional backbone of the family. She makes a house a happy home and provides the holding place for everyone’s feelings and do her best to keep us safe from being hurt.

A mother is the one who is with us whenever we need her. She has a beautiful nature and a loving heart. She sometimes gets angry with us but at once forgives and let go all the mistakes with a warm hug. Her love is priceless. She has a computer like memory which remembers day to day plans of her child and also the good or bad things that came to our way. She even has microscopic eyes which can analyze what is going in the mind of her child. No one in this world can be like a mother.

Mothers are beautiful angels who always prays to Allah for our well-being. The only desire she has in her heart is that Allah fulfils the desires of her child. She prays day and night for their best future.

She is a protector as well. She could not bear anyone touching her children or hurting them. She is the strongest lady in this whole universe. She is a truest friend to her children, the best secret keeper and a great problem solver.

A mother becomes a doctor when we are ill. She sacrifices her sleep just to take care of us. She knows how to treat the disease and which medicine will be suitable for us more than a doctor. She has a magical touch which can heal all the wounds and the pain whether physical or emotional.

A mother is a teacher as well. She teaches us how to speak, eat and walk. Her training starts when she teaches to say MAMA. She teaches us all the disciplines. She teaches us the difference between right and wrong. She teaches us to judge people and their intentions. She teaches us how to behave in the society. Without the guidelines of a mother one cannot excel the world. No one can a better trainer as a mother. She works hard day and night just to make our lives better unselfishly.

In today’s society mothers are treated like housemaids. Children has forgotten all the sacrifices she made for them and have become stubborn towards her. Now they did not ask her to do a few tasks but order her like she is their slave or a maid. But she is ready to bear all the pain and never scratches onto us. She is the supreme lover in this world and we must be kind to her. It is our moral duty to remember all the sacrifices that our mother made for us and respect her or treat her the way she deserves. She does all the tasks without expecting anything in return. The Prophet Muhammad SAW has also commanded his believers to respect their mothers. He also said that Allah has forbidden all the Muslims to be undutiful to their mothers.

It is said very right that paradise lies under the feet of mothers. If one want to enter the paradise and enjoy all the blessings then respect and love your mothers. The most wonderful feeling in this world is to make a mother smile.
The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.
May all the mothers live long…

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